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The Quake 4: HardQore modification brings classic, fast paced, thumb blistering side scrolling action to the next generation. Forget thinking, plots, ammo, or boring puzzles, this is 110% non stop in your face run n' gun slaughter. Strap on advanced weaponry and take on the Strogg invasion. If your a fan of classic action games such as Contra & Metal Slug; then HardQore is what you have been waiting for. The fast paced action of Quake just became more intense.

-Classic 2d run 'n' gun action in a full 3d environment.
-Arm yourself with Quake4 weapons modified and enhanced for 2d game play.
-Use melee weapons such as the chainsaw gauntlet to tare the enemy to pieces.
-Controls optimized for 2d game play using either the keyboard or joystick.
-No reloading, unlimited ammo, or thinking, just run & shoot.
-Use the environment against the enemy and destroy anything possible.
-New player models, including female.

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The HardQore Team
Revility: Team lead, & artist
Red Uk: mapper
PhIL: Coder
Hellscafe: Concept artist
Psyborg: Musician

AuLucifer: programming

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