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How To Install:

Place the "TheLoneGun.pk4" in your q4base folder or put the "The Lone Gunman v1.0'
folder in your "Quake 4 folder' to run it as a seperate Mod

Don't worry about messing up your game, when the file is in your base these files
just take precedence over some of the original files to in corperate 'The lone Gun'
in it, removal of "TheLoneGun.pk4" will revert everything back to normal

If you want to run this gun with other Mods, open up their ".pk4' and look for
the file "player.def" in the 'Def' folder. Search for "def_weapon0", and replace
that to "weapon_TheLoneGun" and "weapon" add "weapon_machinegun,weapon_TheLoneGun"
to the start up weapon set. Use "current_weapon" "0" to start out with The Lone Gun
in your hand.

visit us at: for more info on our Mod Development.

Sounds provided by Sjoerd Postma.

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