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Storm4dm3 - Rusted

Map title: Rusted
File Name: storm4dm3.pk4
Author: Justin "StormShadow" Ingels
Description: small 1v1 tournament style map for Quake 4
ICQ: 135532353

Level Info:
Gametype: 1v1, small FFA, 2-4 players
Weapons: SG, HB, GL, LG, RL, RG
Items: Mega, 2 YA
Spawnpoints: 6

Editing tools: QuakeEdit
Adobe Photoshop 7.0
Notepad, Wordpad

Textures: standard q4 textures
VIA/D3W logo textures courtesy of VIA/D3W

Models: standard id models
some models from id's XMAS map pack, they are included

Sounds: None

Sponsors: VIA Competetive Gaming Arena:
Testers: Huge thanks to fs'technics for extensive gameplay testing
Huge thanks to pjw for sharing his knowledge on lighting techniques
Other testers: Geit, Sumatra, hemostick, Oeloe, GODLIKE, jester!, swelt, lxd, xfoo

Notes: -This map was originally designed for VIA/D3W 1v1 Mapping contest.
-This map is designed primarilly around gameplay, and secondarilly around aesthetics.
-The VIA and D3W textures are present as a requirement of the contest rules.

Permissions: Feel free to distribute this map, as long as an unedited version of this readme is included. Please do not use this map as a base for any other maps without my persmission.

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