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Spamfest v1.2 mini-mod for Quake 4

Spamfest is a simple mod for multiplayer. It plays much like normal Q4 except that weapons are given 999 ammo, plus a few other things are tweaked.

-----Release notes for v1.2

Shotgun pellet damage is reduced to 10 from 14.

-----Release notes for v1.1:

Every weapon is given 999 ammo (except DMG which gets 1)

Rail damage is reduced to 70 from 100.

Rocket launcher direct damage is reduced to 85 from 100.

Rocket launcher splash damage is reduced to 90 from 100 and radius reduced to 100 from 120.

Rocker launcher self damage is reduced by half and rocket jumping power is slightly enhanced.

DMG splash damage radius is reduced to 500 from 768.

New sounds for the machinegun and nailgun are included. Small maps should cause less aural bleeding.

All weapons should now gib. enjoy!

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