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This map pack features twelve deathmatch maps for Generations. Some of them have a classic spin copying older Quake, Quake 2, Final DOOM and DOOM2 maps.

The map pack contains the following maps:

DoomII Map01:Ultra by Amphetamine

Final Doom 13: Vesperas by Immortal

Quake DM1 by Castle

Quake DM2 by Digital1[69]

Quake DM4 by SpAwN

Quake DM6 by Lord Imric

Quake E1M7 by Sub-Zero

Quake2 Q2DM1 by Charon

Quake2 Q2DM2 by Vlas

Quake2 Q2DM7 by Lord Imric

GenStart: A unique Generations Arena map by Amphetamine

Myk-Doom2: A new DOOM-style map by Mykul

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