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Author: Font4na

This modification includes many files that give a new looking on Quake III, a higher quality design and appearance, which can be used for play, create movies and demos for Quake III Arena.

Metal-tech select the best effects, menus, weapons, models, textures and other qualities from many different files, modifications and productions as are Chili Quake XXL, Q3PLUS, Excessive Plus and many others, also includes some new files made by G-n3riK Productions.

This modification consists of a file. PK3, which is installed in the folder baseq3 located in the directory that is installed Quake III Arena, which bears the name "pak_metal-tech v2.0 final.pk3" which is the source of this mod. This you can copy and paste into another directory, either for use in Quake 3 Movie Maker Mod or some other variation which he possesses. This file is installed through the installation executable, which must select the directory in which the game is.

Metal-Tech has the following characteristics indicating their origin

* High Definition Weapons (from Chili Quake XXL)
* High Quality Textures (from Chili Quake XXL)
* New Sources menu and gameplay (from Quake 3 Arena Lost and Q3PLUS)
* New menu looks (from XXL Chilli Quake, Quake 3 Arena Lost and other original works of Metal-Tech)
* Map Selection (maps are downloaded from sources LVL:: .. and
* 1 new skin for 5 Quake III Arena Models
* New effects and banners created by MikeMartin
* New icons for players and items (from Chilli Quake 3 and Quake XXL High Definition Patch)


Metal-Tech could not load some textures and effects on some modifications like icons from some weapon model. It also has a crosshair which game does not load properly on some modifications as Defrag or Excessive Plus.

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