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Excessive Plus

Excessive Plus is a Quake III Arena modification. It is a remake of the
ingenious Mr. Pants' Excessive Overkill for Quake III Arena (
Well, what's then the difference?
Excessive Plus can either be used as a server-side only mod or as a client/server-side mod.
It is full customizable with a bunch of cvars (docs/server.txt).

Installation instructions:
You need at last QUake III Arena Point Release v1.32.
Point Release Updates can always be found at FilePlanet (

Unpack the .zip in your Quake III Arena directory, that the following structure is keeped:
C:\Games or what ever\Quake III Arena\excessiveplus\pak0.pk3

Starting Excessive Plus:
To run Excessive Plus you can start the enclosed .bat files or read on.

To start an dedicated server use:
quake3.exe +set dedicated 2 +set fs_game excessiveplus +map q3dm17 +exec any.cfg

To play alone against bots use:
quake3.exe +set fs_game excessiveplus

Server Configuration:
Excessive Plus offers many cvars to customize a server.
See docs/server.txt for more infos.


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