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| Q U A K E I I I A R E N A M O D I F I C A T I O N
.- | -.
-___ | ___-
||| Q 3 P i N B A L L
| by Dr. Jones Bones

-------------- ------------ -------- ------ ---- -- - -([ THE MODIFICATION ])--

Q3PiNBALL changes your Quake experience in a very unique
way: Scoring is not done by directly hit and kill your
enemy, but by pushing him out of the area into the void or
other deadly spots in a map like lava and such.

Q3PiNBALL comes with new weapon and item behaviours, a very
fast gameplay, new ways for cool jumps and moves.

For cool sniping games Q3PiNBALL has also an instagib-
kinda sniper gamemode, where you only have the Railgun
to snipe your opponents, knocking them through a map right
into the void with an instant kill when touching the
(so called) skybox of a map.

The modification got its name from the role your player has
in this game. Like a pinball in a pinball machine you are
pushed around in a map. Your goal is to stay as long as
possible in the map without falling into the void or get
killed by deadly spots. Like a pinball you're increasing
your score while this time.

Therefor you get weapons from the start to frag your
opponents. This is done by pushing them with your weapons
projectiles. A direct hit with one of your weapons won't
hurt your enemy but the knockback of these will push your
enemy away. You use the knockback effects to knock them into
the deadly spots of a map. Every weapon has its own effect
so you have to decide what weapon is best in a situation to
effectivly knock your opponent out.

To refill your weapons you will have to pick up ammo.

To improve your skills you collect items placed in a map.
These provide the improvements you might already now from
standard deathmatch.

A very special pickup item is an additional weapon, which
you won't get from the start: the BFG. This weapon provides
only one but very powerfull shot.

As maps you should only use very open ones like the space
maps. A good bunch of maps for a start is provided on
Q3PiNBALL's featured maps page. Have a look there to get an
impression of what maps are best for this modification.

All standard gametypes are supported: Deathmatch, Team-
Deathmatch, Tournament and Capture The Flag.

Q3PiNBALL is a server side only modification. After starting
your server with this modification everyone can connect and
join your game of Q3PiNBALL.

- - - - - G A M E T Y P E S - - - - -

Q3PiNBALL provides a standard mode with different weapons,
ammo and items to pick up - the so called AW-Mode (All
Weapons). In this mode the default speed of Quake III is
encreased by 1/4 to improve the gameplay.

As alternative Q3PiNBALL has an Instagib mode. In this
gametype you have only the railgun with unlimited ammo,
and only the Mega-Health-Pickup (if falling is causing
damage). In this gametype the default speed of Quake III
is used to ease the sniping a little. If Instagib is
running on a server you will see by the server rule
"mod_instagib" (see below for the setting of this rule)
and by the welcome text which will include
"I N + T A G I B".

- - - - - W E A P O N S - - - - -

The ROCKET LAUNCHER is the default weapon after beeing
placed in a map. This weapon is most effective in direct
fights with one or two other enemies. The splash radius of
the rockets is medium sized and is mostly usefull to knock
players over little heights or barricades. With a direct
hit the rockets have the same effect on your enemy like a
railgun would have. The Rocket Launcher can also be used to
move through a map. When pointing at your feet a shot will
push you into the air for a great jump.

The GRENADE LAUNCHER is used to float an area far away with
explosives or shoot the grenades from a save position into
an area where one or more enemies stays. Grenades are
launched very fast and with a high velocity. The splash
radius is medium sized but the explosions come with a high
knockback effect.

The RAILGUN does not provide any splash knockback but is
higly effective with a direct hit. It pushes a player right
through a map into the void.

The PLASMA GUN shoots plasma projectiles in a rapid fire
mode. The projectiles have no big knockback effect. But
they are able to push a player into the void when standing
right on an edge or distract them while a jump so their
path won't let them land on a platform but fall down into
the void.

There is no escape from the BFG! This is the only weapon
that has to be picked up from the map. After that you have
only one shot so do think about when and where to use this
powerfull weapon. It releases five projectiles with a very
high velocity with a medium sized spread. The projectiles
have a big splash radius and knockback effect so all
enemies near and at the impact area will be pushed away
very hard. Because of the high knockback effect the
projectiles should impact far away from you otherwise you
will be mostly pushed away into the void also. After beeing
picked up a new BFG will be provided at the same spot after
60 secs

- - - - - I T E M S - - - - -

The QUAD DAMAGE powerup improves the knockback effects of
your weapons. While having this powerup active your weapons
are most dangerous for others.

With the BATTLE SUIT you won't get hurt when pushed into
normally deadly spots like lava. It also saves you from
falling damage. If you fall into the void or beeing crushed
the battlesuit will teleport you to another save place.

HASTE will speed your moves up. Your weapons will shoot at
a faster fire rate.

The FLIGHT POWERUP lets you fly through a map to get better
spots to shoot at your opponents. But be always aware of

INVISIBILITY makes it easier for you to get near your
opponents to shoot more accuratly at them. They won't see
you that easily.

The TELEPORTER is best used to escape the death when
falling into the void.

The MEGA HEALTH package is only available in games with
falling damage. It will boost your health by 100 points. If
falling damage is switched off this pickup will not be

-------------- ------------ -------- ------ ---- -- - - - ([ HOW TO INSTALL ])--

* First of all: You need the installed Patch 1.32!

* Extract the ZIP-File contents with full pathnames into your
Quake 3 basefolder - like "C:\Q3A".

After that you should have a folder named "q3pinball" and
a batch file named RUNPIN.BAT (and this readme).

-------------- ------------ -------- ------ ---- -- - - - - - ([ HOW TO RUN ])--

* There are three ways to run this modification:

1. Start Quake 3 Arena as usual and activate the modification
via the MOD menu.

The entry is called "Q3PiNBALL n.n.n", where "n.n.n" is
the current version of this modification.

Please be aware: Since this is a complete server side
modification, you will only recordnize Q3PiNBALL if you
start a game, the menus won't change after running this

2. Run Quake 3 Arena from the command prompt by typing:

"quake3 +set fs_game q3pinball"

3. ...or just by the installed batch file:


-------------- ------------ -------- ------ ---- ([ SERVER SETUP VARIABLES ])--

- Cfg-Var: mod_instagib
Values: "1" / "0"
Default: "0"


Turns on/off Instagib mode.

"1" - Instagib on
"0" - Instagib off

A change of this settings on a running server will get active
after starting the next map or restart the current one (command

-------------- ------------ -------- ------ ---- -- - - - - - - ([ HISTORY ])--

\ 21.02.2003 >> Version 1.0.0
\ * First release

\ 24.02.2003 >> Version 1.0.1
\ * Bugfix: Scoreboard music does not stay active if a map
without ingame-music is restarted.

-------------- ------------ -------- ------ ---- -- - - - - - - ([ CONTACT ])--

Well, I hope you like this little modification. If you have
suggestions or a bug to report, please don't hesitate to
contact me via this email address:

The newest version can be downloaded from this homepage:

If you own a copy of the game "Voyager - Elite Force" you
can get a version of Q3PiNBALL for that game here:


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