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Elitechicken Q3/RTCW Autoexec Maker

Version: 1.1

Author: bdi-joe





This program can:

Make Quake3 autoexecs for baseq3,osp and any other mod which accepts autoexec.cfg files

Automatically format bind text to formal, funkeeh or BDI style colours

Make RTCW autoexecs

Can bind voice binds

Can bind normal text to team or public speech.

The program must be able to write to its directory :)

Known problems:

When using the directory dialog, you must double click the directory, not just highlight it :)

if u do find any please email me ( and ill sort em


I'm not responcible for any undesirable things this program may cause to your machine.. you use it at your own risk.

Future enhancements:

Will warn you if the keyselected is already bound to something

will be able to support other functions like name binds, fovs etc

Works for most Quake3 Mods and RTCW.

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