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Main task of this mod is to add Touge Races to Multiplayer game mode.
First i thought about editing ACAT mod, but after some simple edits, I changed my mind - ACAT has too many changes in modes i dont wanna changing.
When I re-started to working on MY mod, something came to my mind: Man - you really want to do this whole work for only 10 tracks?
So I've added more tracks.

For now worked on combinations of races of Pro Tuned, Muscle, and Drift Cars.
In future i can sure you, that willl be more of this stuff, and all will be available in multiplayer!

If you want to play Touge in multiplayer, game host need to select:
Region: GLOBAL
Event: Kenwood Global Series
Location: Mount Haruna
First 5 tracks are night - all others are in daylight.
Midnight Touge look best when crowd is off ;)
To my mods i always implement JoneSoft Generic Mod Enabler (JSGME), so after installation they are very easy to activate, and deactivate (you even doesn't need to do backup!).

Mod ONLY for game patched to v1.3.

PS: Sorry for my english lang ;/ Sometimes doing stupid mistakes ;)

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