Real Warfare: 1242 : Official Trailer

Official Trailer
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Length: 01:44
Comments: 5
Posted on: 04.06.2010
1C / 1C
Genre: Strategy
Available on: PC
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By Kres (SI Elite) on Jun 06, 2010
Not bad to see some competition for TW.
By BloodnSteel (I just got here) on Jun 06, 2010
already been done by Medieval 2: Total War, and that already looks a thousand times better than this is. I dub this "Realwannabe TW". if you have Medieval 2, don't waste your money on a generic clone, save it for the new Shogun 2: TW coming out
By Jaunimelis (SI Newbie) on Jun 07, 2010
It looks like MTW, but I think that Medieval 2 TW is better than this
By Kres (SI Elite) on Jun 07, 2010
Yeah not likely that they will top it, but who knows. I just meant merely that if TW had any competition, they would at least deal out previous cavalry charges bugs via a patch and not via a couple of full game releases. It would mature quicker.
By mitra76 (I just got here) on Jun 12, 2010
MTW2 is kid game, the tactical engine of RW1242 is 10 more time better as realism (and also 20 more time moddable)