Resident Evil 5 Review (PC)

Itís been six months since Capcom released the 7th instalment to their trademark zombie franchise. Resident Evil 5 was to build on the success of the previous game, keeping up the rejuvenated direction and gameplay whilst pushing forward with its own unique style in the form of cooperative play. A noble effort, and despite allegations of racism and suffering from the same traps as all games in the series have fallen into, it did quite well on release.

Half a year later and Capcom have adapted their latest survival horror for the PC. Has it learned from the criticisms levied against it back in March? Well if Capcom where one for listening, we probably wouldnít see the same mistakes over and over. The more critical reviews chided the game for its stiff controls, odd inventory system, for having dumbed down and linear gameplay. The co-op mode as well, whilst being an interesting addition, was only really useful if a friend is in control of Sheva. If you happened to agree with these views, your opinion is unlikely to change as the developers seem to have made little core changes to the game.

Itís a shame really, because usually when there is a significant gap between releases, developers take the opportunity to right perceived wrongs, even if they are minor. Those of you who frequent Zero Punctuation will know his thoughts on certain issues, and whilst the nature of those reviews is to take things to their extreme, he did have a point. Still, if you liked the console versions, youíre probably going to like this one too provided that you can adapt to the new control style.

Thatís not to say that there are no differences between the versions. Capcom have taken advantage of the superior hardware modern PCís can posses in order to bring their tale to life once more. The focal point of this is the inclusion of Nvidia's GeForce 3D Vision technology for all who can use it. This actually does give the visuals a very slick edge to them, and is supposed to be an industry first due to the fact that this technology has been implemented in cut scenes as well as gameplay. A good move, as it lessens the difference in looks between cutscenes and eases transition, as well as making for a more cinematic experience.

Following on from the visuals theme is the inclusion of new content like costumes. Slightly innocuous, but one can hardly complain. Capcom isnít as dense as to think that new visuals alone would carry a game, especially after such a delay between releases, but even so, the PC version seems a little light. The other big change is the exclusive addition to the Mercenaries mini-game called No Mercy. As the name suggest, expect more enemies, and a harder fight for survival.

Thereís no point re-reviewing a game that blatantly has changed little between versions. Check out our console review of the game in order to see whether or not the game is for you. The only thing that wonít apply is the paragraph on the control system, but seeing as this is a Games for Windows title, 360 controller support is included so if WASD is not for you, just nab a control pad from somewhere.

Itís hard to say which version is superior, although if you like your visuals, the PC version is definitely worth checking out if youíve got the hardware. Those worried about their ability to even get the game running on their rig should consider checking out the benchmark tool that was released prior to release. Other than that, itís simply down to which platform you prefer.

Top Game Moment: The Twist. You know what Iím talking about.


By herodotus (SI Herodotus) on Oct 06, 2009
The control setup will be the clicnher for me. RE4 stank.
By HELLKNIGHT13 (SI Elite) on Oct 06, 2009
Hope it's good just hate that they did not stay to the story .It whent from DNA the parasites to VOODOO
By BlitzKrieg (SI Veteran Member) on Oct 08, 2009
God i hope the game turns out good for me, might buy in a few days time, waht console tho?

i hear its good on PC and the others but im just not sure?!