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Posted on 06/09/2013 05:24
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Superb game, especially for it's time.
9.5 perfect
Posted on 04/23/2009 13:43
8.5 superb
Posted on 09/15/2008 04:34
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Return To Castle Wolfenstein

Like the original id game, players assume the role of William J. 'B.J.' Blazkowicz, the Allies? bad boy of WWII espionage. The fate of the free world hangs in the balance as B.J. battles against the sadistic machinations of a Nazi war machine bent on... Read More
9.1 perfect
Posted on 05/14/2008 08:12
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"id" out done them selfs in creating this game.

The graphics is really good in this game I must say... There is a lot of detail but not a lot of texture.

The story is Fong-Kong man it's a lot more shooting than a story!

The gameplay is extreme... Read More
8.0 great
Posted on 11/09/2006 05:23
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The first was better

I found this game nice, but I think that MOHAA is surely done better. Graphic may be at the same level in the two games, but I didn't appreciate the idea of fighting undeads. The missions against nazi's are nice, the one in stealth mode is great. Anyway... Read More
7.0 good
Posted on 06/16/2006 11:19
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its so nice to kill axis.
and some times die.
9.7 perfect
Posted on 05/18/2006 19:43
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I just got here

Just play this game. And we talk after that.
9.1 perfect
Posted on 05/15/2006 07:22
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this game is so cool
9.9 perfect