Revolt: Theory of Revolution Interview (PC)

Si: Hi, please introduce yourself and your team to our readers.
Tomislav Lovrekovic: Hello, I’m Tomislav Lovrekovic, member of Fusion Software, ambitious Serbian development team. With my friend Jan Nemecek I made original concept&idea of Revolt, our first (promising) project and I’m something like PR Manager.
Si: What is the main goal of Fusion Software?
Tomislav Lovrekovic: You know, every PR Manager will tell you something like “we are here for gamers” or “we want to make something new”. But, they’re just trying to exploit gamers emotions and to from “potential buyer” make “100% buyer”. At first, we want lot of money, lot of glory, and lot of good girls :D. But, we are just group of young and ambitious people which almost yesterday were dreaming about our own development team, and today we have a chance to make something new, for us and for other. And we are going to use it.
Si: What is the story behind Revolt?
Tomislav Lovrekovic: Revolt is game with one of the greatest scenarios ever. Game story is set in 2020. , just one year after asteroid crash on Earth. Military government control government and you take a role of resistance union. Maybe it seems boring, or you can say: “I saw&read that few thousand times”, but this is really different. Do you want to know why? Well, you have to read rest of my answers.
Si: Will it bring any fresh ideas to the tight strategy market? What are the game features you are most exited about?
Tomislav Lovrekovic: Of course. Let’s just say that in our “vision” we see Revolt in six different parts, and they are all mixture of strategy&action. In second one, player took control over Indian tribe, third one offers to you Pirates in future and in fourth you will play as secret agent in middle of virtual world where enemy rules, so everybody is trying to kill&destroy you. We also will offer you a new multiplayer mode, but let it stay a secret this time. You also can do over 100 different things like free some prisoners, blowing up an center of some country or important buildings, kidnapping, killing important people, stealing, robbery, putting fires of private parties, negotiating (you can poison somebody on negotiating or even put bomb somewhere) and many other actions. And of course, there is a solution of clear fighting like in other RTS games. In game you will be able to move your units through city, but sometimes your secret agents will tell you some things like: “Negotiations are starting today in former UN building”. So, if you accept mission, action part of game is starting. When you start that mission, game isn’t RTS any more, but it is mixture of FPS&Sneaker&RPG. It will be fun and revolutionary, I promise! :D.
Si: Will the the game run in 2d or 3d environment?
Tomislav Lovrekovic: Well, both. In this moment all what I can tell you about graphic is that it will be unforgettable.
Si: Which games, books, movies (...) have influenced the game development, if any?
Tomislav Lovrekovic: I always was Deus Ex, Commandos, Hitman and Pirates fun. So, this games probably influenced of game development. But, about 90% of idea is original.
Si: What kind of units can we expect to see in Revolt? Give us few examples.
Tomislav Lovrekovic: Well, you can expect great number of units with different characteristics which depends from few things. More about that some other time.
Si: Will there be any resource management in the game or will it be strictly tactical game? What kind of resources will it feature?
Tomislav Lovrekovic: Yes, player have to worry about money income (buying weapon&equipment and corrupting) and there are few special situations when are some other things will be included. In this game, you may fight on streets and make some “really hot&dangerous actions”, and if people love you there will be demonstrations. Third step is civil war, and you can’t lead it, but you will have useful information's and animations about it, and you will have to send food, equipment and medicines to soldiers by using airplanes.
Si: How many nations will there be in the game? Will each nation have its own unique units & buildings?
Tomislav Lovrekovic: After asteroid hit Earth, there was some big changes. So, now on Earth exist eight island-countries, and they all have their unique units, special units and they all produce different things. For example, Petrolask, today’s Russia is producing weapons and space ships. They have great tanks and great spies, their soldiers can beat everyone in Russia because they used to winter and snow and their main problem are prisoner camps where communist leader, Miljcin put everybody which don’t like him. They also have to worry about Nuclear reactor Mir which doesn’t work well, but they have Fathers of Fight, special units which have best snipers on the world.
Si: What are the requirements of the game? Minimum/optimum?
Tomislav Lovrekovic: We are trying to make game with low hardware requirements. Let’s just say that some stronger Pentium 3 will be enough to enjoy in Revolt unforgettable charm.
Si: Will you publish the game demo? When can we expect to see it?
Tomislav Lovrekovic: Demo is coming at summer, and you&GH will be first who will play Revolt demo. We can promise it for sure!
Si: Is there anything else you would like to add?
Tomislav Lovrekovic: We said what we have. Now is time to gamers read, think and tell their opinion about Revolt project. Don’t hesitate to contact me on or at any time. Our web site ( is still redesigning and we have some troubles about it, but expect it before new year. When, I already mention new year, I have few whishes for all of you. At first, I wish only best things to Strategy Informer, to get few million more readers, to nobody ever find out what really happened in that bank few days before you get tons of $ and to finally forget on pretty girl (your first neighbor) because she will never get out with freak like you! :D . So, happy new year! :D


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