Rise & Fall: Civilizations at War Review (PC)

Emerging a hero in a strategical battle makes one proud to face the world. This is especially so when you are defending your own civilization with grandeurs and pride. To boost to your chances of winning, having the stamina fight these battles, which you can replenish with the click of a mouse can be such a wonderful experience in this real-time strategy game.

The exciting naval warfare will give you the authority to staff a ship with your troop and go to battle against enemy ship; victory will grant you authority over both ships Ramming the enemy’s ship could win you powerful siege engines

Rise & Fall: Civilizations at War make up an astounding experience for those who want to take on the power of leading troops as one of the four great factions from the Western Civilization.

Rise & Fall: Civilizations at War, takes you back in time where heroes like Alexander the Great, Cleopatra, Mark Anthony and Achilles lead men to battles. Initially, you will play as a third-person viewpoint of the game until you are able to win battles and emerge as a hero. This is being as the game progresses, players can toggle from playing as the hero standing tall and leading your men to victory or playing the traditional real-time strategy viewpoint.

The hero command for some proves to be frustrating part of the game, there are however some players, who feels that this feature is nice because it lets you hack and slash enemies relentlessly. Young players will be at the edge of their sit because the hero command will make use of their extreme reflex, while older once will need a lot patience and a good deal of luck. This is because there are some maneuvers in the game that makes you blinded as to what the effect of your attack will be. Luck may thus play a part in here, if not predictably waste of resources.

Like any other real-time strategy games, which need a little more improvement, Rise & Fall: Civilizations at War with some frustrating sequences, is still a good buy if you are a fan of real-time strategy games.  

The twists and tricks of Rise and Fall: Civilizations at War features including the nice mix of traditional third person viewpoint and the hero command, which make them level up to boost the hero’s stamina, show his strength, build legionnaires for his side is a new and exciting blend which real-time strategy aficionados will surely welcome.  

Toggle form hero viewpoint or the traditional real-time viewpoint at anytime during the game As the game progresses, you may need to kill 100 members of the enemy troops for a limited time, thus quick reflexes will help you go through this exciting pace of the game

Developers of Rise & Fall: Civilizations at War are proud to tell you that one of the exciting parts of this game is choosing a hero and stepping into his shoes to give control over the legion. Play like Alexander the Great whose tactical intelligence is an advantage or play like Cleopatra who is ready to ensure troops will fight in her side, you choose the hero who ever you think will give you enough endurance to get over the battles. To increase your stake in the battle, the extreme fighting ability of heroes in this game plus their own resource of stamina will keep the hero, most of the time triumphant over his enemies. This is one part, which youngsters love about this game.

The game also has a feature by which heroes have advisors that will help him combat enemies and thus will ensure he will not be stripped of resources. These advisors will follow the hero wherever he may goes. There may even be more than one advisor for one hero; he will help the hero through battles. They will give all the assistance you may need.  You only need to be wary because your advisor is not immortal. There may come a time where information from the game will give you the news that one or most of your advisors die in the battlefield.

As the hero, player should therefore make better judgment on how to move their troops thinking of all the possible consequences.

As you fight the battles, there may be frustration as to the speed necessary to handle your troops. However, to mask the frustration you will have during the game a naval warfare, which are mini-battles that will engage you. This is where player can bring into his ship his own armies and takeover an enemy ship. Winning the war will make you get both ships on your side.  

If fighting armies versus armies may not be sufficient to win the battle, you may choose to ram the other ship and increase the power of your siege engine.

There may be some maneuvers, which you will not be able to predict the outcome, luck may play a part in this attack If leading troops to victory excites you well enough, Rise & Fall: Civilizations at War could be an enjoyable game for you

Rise & Fall: Civilizations at War is available to play against AI or on multiplayer. You and your friend will surely enjoy bringing your troops to beat 100 armies of your enemy and taking on the shoe of the hero. You may level up to pride yourself over your own legion. An over the shoulder viewpoint of your hero will make you experience the rush of being right there in between the fights.Youngsters love the rush and the reflexes necessary to move from one place to another slashing and hacking enemy.

Top of game moment:
I am particularly a fan of the naval battle, actually the ramming of another ship and seeing my enemy’s armies flying high up the sky. I also love the triumph of creating a legion that in turn extends into several legionnaires. Wonderful and worth the troubles of trying to learn the ropes as you go to battle.