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LowPolyTexturmod V1.0
(8192x8192 Version)


;new in current V1.0 :

+ all LowPolyVegetationTextures are updated
+ new MipMaps for sharper trees and bushes on near distance
+ soften MipMaps for grass (less flickering)


;older versions

- LowPolyVegetationTextures are now in 8192x8192 resolution (standard 2048x2048)

- two new bushes

- better textures for palms



Copy the "LowPolyVegetationMod" folder from this RAR-Archiv to you personal RisenUserConfig-Folder (ConfigUser.xml and achievements.bin are located in this folder) (Check whether you can see hidden files and folders).

(Example for Vista64) ---> C:\Users\your name\AppData\Local\Risen

(Example for WinXP) ---> C:\Documents and Settings\your name\Local Settings\Application Data\Risen


Delete "LowPolyVegetationMod" folder in your RisenUserConfig-Folder or go into subdir's of this folder and delete all files.

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