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There we with Odin68 want to publish for you, our new project - "Risen Mod-Starter" (supported Ukrainian,Russian,English and German language). We rebuilded our old project for G3 ( ) to Risen (including changing of needed utilities in Mod-Starter).

Important :

Maybe someone of you already know that current Risen version except Polish version (there is newest release build than in others, in some reasons) can't work with all *.0x files except *.00 . I mean, that you can't add new *.01 and so on files with adding new data, because game will not use new info from it.

One of way to solve this problem with *.0x files - to download demo-version there - , then install it, and then copy - "ffc.dll" file from demo\bin\ffc.dll to your original game (into bin folder). Then you only need to rename all you *.0x files to *.p0x (*.p00 and so on) in "data\common\" and "data\compiled\" folders.

We thought recently, that DS will allow to us to upload only this one file (500 kb) to make this way very simple... but DS still not answered to us on all our requests... that's why we decided to don't wait anymore for this permission and currently we make an release of mod-starter and ask everyone who will want to install mod's from our mod-starter to fix this problem with solution as described there (copy this one file from demo-version).


More detailed about Risen - ModStarter, how it works and how to add new mods into it, you can read in readme -

Overview of MDS possibilities :

1. MDS can install more then one mod in one time.
2. MDS can add only changed text lines into tab (csv) files from different mod's.
3. MDS can add only changed text lines into wrldasc files from different mod's.
4. You can use different programs for Risen modding directly from MDS (some programs are translated only into Russian and English language, but Ukrainian and German mainly supported too).
5. You can disable/enable debug keys via cheat panel (list of cheats still not full, but hotkeys must have full translated list).
6. You can launch your game with changing of save-game path to the game folder.
7. You can change skin (background image) and colors of all labels via skin manager if you don't like defaults.
8. You can select needed language of MDS after it's launching (start language - english).

List of included into Mod-Pack mod's you can check there -

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