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Rise of Prussia Update 1.01i
March 18, 2010

The patch is a comprehensive patch, meaning it can be applied directly over your initial game installation setup version.

All saved games will be erased by the patch, as this version is not compatible with previously started games.


* Fixed bug where selection of the last choice in Multi-Choice Event would not allow player to change the selection
* Siege parameters adjusted and new rules and parameters added: If there is a supply unit or a depot with at least some remaining supplies, then there is a 95% chance that any surrender event is aborted. If there is not such unit or structure, or the chance roll fails, then a surrender event can happen (others possible events are: make a breach or nothing). In the case that besieged units are under siege by a larger force, have some units unsupplied and a breach is already existing, then the surrender event has an increased chance to happen, because it is based on the discipline of the besieged units and such units will get a -3 modifier to the roll.
* You can now select units in the construction mode after the 64th one.


* Added check in Ferdinand to Brunswick event to be sure he is still only a 2
* [and still alive!!]
* Modified all Multi-Choice events to have 'default selection' in case player doesn't choose an option
* Saxony Capitulation event [1756] now only eliminates Saxon forces still in the Saxony Theater. 'Escaped' leaders and units survive.
* Swedish Reinforcement Options - added small Brigades 1&2 and Support 1 to setups 1759 and 1760 as appropriate. Restricted "ON" dates for these options to prevent duplicates.
* Danzig: Multi-choice Event. Danzig [Gdansk] POL now, but was more or less an independent autonomous city. Russian and Austrian tried to woo the city to join their side, when their situation was not so good, but Prussian money prevented this. If AUS successful, they take over the city + large amount of supplies + depot there (to be under RUS subfaction). If PRU successful, Gdansk remains Polish and neutral. {PRU has priority: if they spend the money, it really doesn't matter what AUS chooses}
* Fixed duplicate appearances of Kleine Krieg units after 1758


* Added Riverine Supply assets to allow supply to move on river
* Removed duplicate RUS leader Rumyantsev from 1760 Setup
* Corrected starting 1756 Prussian ForcePool to have Regular Depot Bn in addition to Grenadier Depot Bn [typo in DB had Grenadier twice]
* Corrected on-map display of "1 leader/1 regiment" units to show leader properly
* Added Swedish Brigade reinforcements that were in options to the setups 1759 and 1760


* Corrected Infantry elements of PAL regiments to be PAL, not BRU
* Corrected PRU and SAX Grenadiers Depot Bn to yield Elite replacements
* Added *screener
* attribute to most Cavalry models [not heavy cav (cuirassier/gd corps)]
* Added *assault
* attribute and 'Assaulter' ability [can assault unbreached fortress] = assigned to Ernst von Laudon

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