Cheats & Hints

Rome: Total War Cheats & Codes

Press the tilde (~) key to bring down the console, and enter the following cheats to enable them.

Code: Description:
bestbuy Units are 10% cheaper.
jericho Walls will crumble.
add_money X Adds money. X = amount.
add_population Y X: Adds population, where Y is the settlement name and X the amount.
auto_win attacker/defender Attacker or defender automatically wins the next auto resolved battle.
create_unit settlement/charactername unit_ID amount exp/armour/weapon Creates a unit in the selected settlement or characters army with the stats you input
toggle_fow Toggles Fog of War
give_trait characternname traitname level Gives the character the trait at the chosen level.
process_cq settlement Finished the building queue in the settlement
list_traits Lists all traits
move_character Z X,Y Moves character to location, where Z is character name and X Y are coordinates.
give_trait_points charactername traitname points Gives points for the character’s trait.
force_diplomacy accept/decline/off Forces opponent to accept diplomatic proposal
invulnerable_general charactername General is invulnerable in combat
date year Changes date
kill_character charactername Kills selected character
season summer/winter changes season
capture_settlement settlementname Captures settlemen

Rome: Total War Hints, Tips

Change the User Interface
Next to the words MINIMAL_UI change FALSE to TRUE
Chane Unit Size
Next to the words UNIT_SIZE change the number to either 20(Small), 40(Normal), 80(Large), or 160(Huge)
Remove Unit Banners
Next to the words SHOW_BANNERS change TRUE to FALSE
Remove Cutscenes
Next to the words EVENT_CUTSCENES change TRUE to FALSE
Unrestricted Camera
Next to the words RESTRICT_CAMERA change TRUE to FALSE
Unlimited Ammo
Next to the words LIMITED_AMMO change TRUE to FALSE
Turn off Fog of War
Next to the words FOG_OF_WAR change TRUE to FALSE
Remove Fatigue
Next to the word FATIGUE change TRUE to FALSE
Next to the word SUBTITLES change FALSE to TRUE
Remove Morale
Next to the word MORALE change TRUE to FALSE
Next to the words USE_WIDESCREEN change FALSE to TRUE
Skip the Prologue
Next to the words FIRST_TIME_PLAY change TRUE to FALSE
Turn off the Advisor
Next to the words MUTE_ADVISOR change FALSE to TRUE, and next to BLIND_ADVISOR change FALSE to TRUE
Turn off Unit Arrow Markers
Next to the words DISABLE_ARROW_MARKERS change FALSE to TRUE


Rome: Total War Trainers, Cheats Downloads

Name: Size:
+2 Trainer 1.5 by Pizzadox 65 KB Download it!
+3 Trainer by Blade M 127 KB Download it!
Money Trainer 1.2 by DragonX 181 KB Download it!
+2 Trainer by Poizn 15 KB Download it!
+2 Trainer 1.1 Poizn 15 KB Download it!
+2 Trainer 1.1 by DABhand 107 KB Download it!
Money Trainer 1.1 by Black Magic 47 KB Download it!
Money Trainer 1.1 by MMDOX 12 KB Download it!
Money Trainer by MMDOX 12 KB Download it!


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