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Minimum System Requirements

• English version of Microsoft® Windows® 98SE/ME/2000/XP

• Pentium® III 1.0GHz (1000MHz) or Athlon™ 1.0GHz (1000MHz) processor or higher

• 256MB RAM

• 8x Speed CD-ROM drive (1200KB/sec sustained transfer rate) and latest drivers

• 2.9GB of uncompressed free hard disk space (plus 500MB for Windows® swap file)

• 100% DirectX® 9.0b compatible 16-bit sound card and latest drivers

• 100% Windows® 98SE/ME/2000/XP compatible mouse, keyboard and latest drivers

• DirectX® 9.0b (included)

• 1024 x 768 Monitor Resolution

• 3D Hardware Accelerator Card Required - 100% DirectX® 9.0b compatible 64MB Hardware Accelerated video card and the latest drivers*.

ATI® Radeon® 8500
ATI® Radeon 9000
ATI® Radeon 9500
ATI® Radeon 9600
ATI® Radeon 9700
ATI® Radeon 9800
All Nvidia® GeForce® 3 and higher

Important Note: *Some 3D accelerator cards with the chipsets listed here may not be compatible with the 3D acceleration features utilized by Rome: Total War™. Please refer to your hardware manufacturer for 100% DirectX 9.0b compatibility.

Multiplayer Requirements:

• Internet (TCP/IP) and LAN (TCP/IP) play supported.

• Internet play requires broadband connection and latest drivers.

• LAN play requires network interface card and latest drivers.

DirectX® Detection & Installation
The Rome Total War™ installer does not check for the version of DirectX you have currently installed, it just prompts you to install DirectX 9.0c.. Re-installing DirectX 9.0c will not harm your DirectX configuration. Rome: Total War™ requires DirectX 9.0b to install and play.

CD Swapping
Some users may experience CD swapping issues, when the installer prompts the user to insert the next disc. If the correct disc is inserted into the drive, but the installer continues to ask for the disc. Ejecting the disc and re-inserting the disc should solve this issue, and allow the installer to continue.

CD Key reference
On Page 4 of the printed manual, the section on CD Keys states that when you install the game, you will need to type in this key. This statement is incorrect as there is no prompt for the CD Key during installation.



Before attempting to make any changes to your system, please ensure that you have the latest drivers for your video card. Please refer to the video card documentation for additional details.

Screen Resolution
When setting resolution to 1280 x 768 the left half of the screen may be cut off about a quarter inch. To correct this you must manually adjust the monitor settings on the monitor itself. Please refer to the monitor manual for specific instructions.

Adjusting Resolution In Game
Adjusting the resolution slider through the in-game video settings menu, by hitting escape and going to the options menu, will only affect the current game mode. Changing these settings will NOT have a global effect on the game, but will only affect the mode that is currently being played, be it campaign map or the 3D battle map.


Unit Scale Settings
The Unit Size option found in the Video Options screen will affect the gameplay experience of a Campaign, as well as being a performance setting. Using smaller unit sizes in the game will use up less population when you train new units and therefore affect the amount of Denarii you gain from taxes. Using larger units sizes will also result in units gaining more experience in battle, but will be more of a drain on your population. Players should bear this in mind when changing this setting and may use it to choose the style of gameplay which best suits them. Please note: This setting cannot be altered mid-campaign. The unit size setting selected at the start of any campaign game will apply through that entire game.

EAX Sound Options
In the Manual it states EAX Advanced HD this is the equivalent of EAX 3, so to experience EAX Advanced HD select EAX 3 from the sound options.

Screen Grab Function
Screenshots can be taken in game by using the Grab Screenshot key. This key is default bound to SysRq (the Print Screen key on some keyboards). Screenshots are taken in .TGA format and can be found in the ....\Rome – Total War\tgas\ folder.



Tutorial Battle Advice
During the Prologue, completing an action requested before the advisor finishes speaking will cause the advisor to move on to the next piece of advice. Instead, follow the advisor’s instructions after he or she has finished speaking in order and you will hear the advice in its entirety. You will not be able to hear the advice again once you interrupt it so it is important to let the advice string play out.

If you go outside the boundaries of what the advisor has requested you to do, it is possible that scripting issues may occur which will prevent completion of the Tutorial battle. In the event of this exit the battle and restart.



Unlocking Factions
Players are able to unlock all playable factions by successfully completing an Imperial Campaign or a short term Imperial Campaign.

The un-lockable factions are: Egypt, The Seleucid Empire, Carthage, Parthia, Gaul, Germania, Britannia, and The Greek Cities.

Faction Rankings
When looking at the faction summary window, specifically the faction ranking window, the top 5 faction information ranking is not a straight summation of the other five but is weighted. Financial ranking matters less than military, also financial ranking is not only the amount of money currently in the back but also financial position, (earning power).

Advisor Help Messages
In some cases, the advisor will give as a reason for constructing a building, such as "the building will increase wealth, which can be taxed" -- specifically buildings like, Mines, Trader, Market, etc. To futher clarify, the way the game works is that you tax the city, thus anything that brings wealth into that city (Mines, Trader, Market) generate revenue for the city that can be taxed.

Population and Unit Training
The minimum population size in any settlement is 400. Units cannot be trained if the population drops below 400.

Rally Points
Agents do not use Rally points. Agents include: Spies, Assassins, and Diplomats. Only your armies, soldiers, and fleets will use rally points.

Senate Offices
When playing a Roman faction, if a family member is appointed to a Senate office and dies while still in that office, his office will disappear from the Senate offices panel. This is intentional, the office will remain empty and will only be filled during the election years.

Moving Multiple Agents
When selecting multiple agents in a settlement, the movement range for the last agent selected will appear on the campaign map. The movement functionality is working properly, the agent with less movement points will stop before the agent with more movement points.

Also, Sound effects may play when moving multiple agents out of a settlement. Please disregard them.

Trade Rights
Factions may trade with anyone they wish, however having specific rights to trade with another faction increase the income you get from trade.

Auto Resolve Battle Difficulty
When choosing difficulty settings at the start of a campaign, changing the difficulty setting for the campaign will affect the way the game auto resolves battles. The difficulty of the auto resolve inherently affects the difficulty of the campaign game, and so determines the level of challenge on the campaign map. The battle difficulty is solely used to determine the level of difficulty when the player is playing on the 3d battle map.

Population Enslavement
After a settlement is conquered, and "enslavement" is chosen as the option to occupy the settlement. Roman factions and Roman allied factions will have 25% of the population go to the capital of the senate faction.

Auto Management
The following are updates to the auto-management system that did not make it into the manual:

Settlement Panel
If viewing the Settlement panel and the auto-manage check box is checked, two more check boxes appear, Construction and Recruitment. These options control whether that specific settlement will construct buildings and/or train units when auto-manage is turned on.

Faction Overview Panel
Information about the auto-manage options on the Faction Overview Window (Pg. 43 Rome manual) describes the auto-manage options on the scroll. This section describes three options: Automate All Production, Automate Unit Training, and Automate Building Construction. These were changed in the game to “Automanage Everything” and “Automanage Taxes Only".These options set the global auto-manage policy for a player.

Bribing Armies
Rebel armies can only be bribed, no other diplomatic option is available. Also, players must have at least 2000 Denarii in their treasury to be able to bribe a rebel army. Otherwise no options will appear when attempting to bribe the rebel army.

Unit Disappearance After a Battle
When a foot unit goes into battle, and is victorious, and if that very same unit has only 6 soldiers remaining after the battle, that unit will disappear from the Campaign Map. This applies to both auto-resolving and manually fighting a battle, but this does not occur with Cavalry or Generals units. Also, please note that heavily damaged unit cards will not survive returning to the campaign map.

Incorrect Settlement Basics Advice
When the advisor refers to the more detailed statistics panel the line "More detailed statistics and trade details can be found by left clicking on the buttons at the top left of the scroll."

The buttons referred to are at the bottom left of the scroll.

Incorrect Recruitment Basics Advice
An Advisor message may pop up stating that "recruitment can only take place when a governor is present in a settlement, if there is no permanent governor in place you may wish to queue up units for training."
This is incorrect as settlements without a governor players are able to train units.

Hiring Mercenaries
When opening the mercenary hiring panel, and queuing up mercenaries for hire, then closing the panel without clicking the “hire” button, mercenaries in the queue will be hired regardless. The panel can also be closed by clicking the check mark in the bottom right corner or by pressing [ESC], but either way any mercenary units in the queue will be hired.

Selecting Agents
In the manual, there are references to using a "Characters" tab. This can be seen on page 39 under the "How to Use Spies" section, and on page 40 in the "How to Use Diplomats". Specifically, the manual describes removing a spy/diplomat from an army by "clicking on the Characters tab, selecting the spy [or diplomat] and then right-clicking on a spot on the game map."

The tab name has been changed and is now called the "Agents" tab.

Ranking Admiral Dissappears
When using Ships the user can combine fleets into a single fleet. If the user has an Admiral with command stars and combines this Admiral's fleet with another fleet the Admiral with the command stars may be removed from command. If this occurs the new fleet will no longer have command stars.

Attack Faction Agreement
When using Diplomacy to agree to attack other factions the agreements will stay in effect indefinitely. Be aware that once agreement of this sort are made they are binding and failure to follow through may have unforeseen consequences.

Battle Withdrawls
Units on the Caimpaign Map can be attacked so that they are not able to withdraw. This will happen if the unit is attacked and has no place to withdraw to or if they are ambushed. If the player enters 3D battle they will not have the option to withdraw either. The withdraw button will be greyed out when this occurs.



Controls During Deployment
Please note that during the deployment phase pressing the Enter key will end the deployment phase and begin the battle. However, while in the battle the Enter key will deselect units.

Time Remaining
During battle, the “time remaining” will appear when hovering your mouse cursor over the hourglass indicator on the HUD. This is not real time remaining, but game time remaining.

AI Control
Most AI Controlled units will defend by default, these units will only attack if they are given the orders to do so and otherwise they will just defend. Some units will automatically engage the enemy if they are in range.

General Special Abilities
The “Rally” special ability is only available when a general is placed in a general position. A general placed in a non-general unit position will not have this ability.
Also, please note that when the unit has a special ability, as that ability is "better" than the commander's ability to rally troops, the rally button is superseded by that units special ability.

-Barbarian Peasants
-Archer Warband
-Chosen Archer Warband
-Naked Fanatics
-Chosen Swordsmen
-Barbarian Cavalry
-Barbarian Noble Cavalry
-Heavy Spearmen
-Horse Archers
-Cataphract Archers
-Phalanx Pikemen
-Bronze Shields
-Pontic Light Cavalry
-Chariot Archers
-Pontic Heavy Cavalry
-Cappadocian Cavalry
-Barbarian Peasants
-Woad Warriors
-Chosen Swordsmen
-British Light Cavalry

Siege Towers
Infantry units using Siege Towers, to attack a wall, will automatically climb the Siege Tower once it is in position. Once a Siege Tower is placed, additional infantry units must be manually tasked onto the wall before they will start to use the Siege Tower.

Unit Linking
The Rome: Total War manual contains a reference to the unit linking functionality that has been removed from the 3D battle user interface. On page 53 the description of the AI assistance button states "This button replaces the linking button when a group is selected." This linking button has been removed from the game.

Setting Camera Waypoints
When in the battle map, to set camera waypoints you must press Shift + F9, Shift + F10, or Shift + F11. To use the saved waypoints, press F9, F10 or F11.

Movement of Grouped Units
Grouped units must form up before moving through confined areas like gates, fords, bridges, and broken down walls. These units will not move unless they are able to move as a group. As an option players can un-group units and order them through one unit at a time.

Battle Replays
Battle replays for historical or campaign map battles are not available. However, custom and multiplayer battles are available for replay.

Toggle Unit Formation Display
The keyboard command to Toggle the Unit Formation display (Control, F2 by default) is for selected groups. The user must group units by selecting them and then grouping them. The user can then use the Toggle Unit formation display key when the group is selected.



Multiplayer Host Machine

When playing a multiplayer game, it is recommended that the highest spec computer participating in the game be the host.

Unit Experience
When playing multiplayer, in the customize Army screen, players can only upgrade the units up to 3 bronze chevrons. This is different from other game modes as we wanted to accentuate the need to choose varied units and not rely on simply ramping up the experience to turn units into super units.

Multiplayer Games Require 2 Human Players
When setting up a multiplayer game if a player adds several CPU opponents/allies, then proceeds to the customize army screen and picks armies for all players, then clicks start battle, a message will pop up stating that the player is waiting for other players. Players will not be able to progress beyond this point without another human player.

Historical Battle Multiplayer
When selecting to play a Historical Battle in Multiplayer mode, adjusting the unit size option will only give the player access to Small and Normal unit sizes. Large and Huge unit settings are not options for this game mode.

Multiplayer - Human vs. CPU Issues
When setting up a LAN battle, if the player sets up a game with these settings, the game will not launch past the customise battle screen.

FFA human (1v1) versus FFA cpu (1v1)
1 human verse 1 human versus 2 cpu
FFA human (1v1) versus FFA cpu (1v1v1)

Multiplayer Team Limit
The final paragraph on page 72 of the Rome: Total War manual refers to the maximum number of teams available in Multiplayer battles, stating: “There can be up to eight teams”. Multiplayer options have been altered in the final release of the game, so now the maximum number of teams / players is six (I through VI in Roman Numerals).

NAT Support
We currently do not support port translation to host a multiplayer game whilst using a NAT.

If you are trying to host from behind a NAT, you can set all of the GameSpy ports and the game port to not be translated by the NAT (sometimes called setting them to "straight through").

For some systems the NAT will be able to make a port straight through, and some versions of ICS (Internet Connection Sharing) will also do this. If you start ICS and then try and host with no other Internet traffic, you may be able to host. If you host a game, but up to a minute later are kicked back to the host/join screen, your game is probably going through a NAT and could not have been joined by anyone.



Windows 98
The game will not play with Windows 98 First Edition or below.

Windows 2000/XP
If you are running Windows® 2000 or Windows® XP, you must have Administrator rights to properly install and play the game.

Windows Media® Player 9
The game will not run if Windows Media Player 9 is not installed. You can find the latest version of the player here:



Authenticated Drivers
If your drivers are authenticated by Microsoft, then DX9 may try to verify if they have expired by connecting to the following URL This is a Microsoft Certification check for expiration of Certificate site. This could be triggered when the game is run, as it interfaces with the video and sound drivers installed in Windows. This feature of Windows can be turned off in the following way:

Start Internet explorer and click...

Tools | Internet Options

Click the ADVANCED TAB, then scroll down to Security:


This will stop Windows from trying the verify if a certificated drivers certificate has expired or not.

This does not affect how the game works and Firewall users can halt the connection and the game will load as normal.


For details of SEGA Product Support in your region please visit the support pages at

You can also visit the official Total War forums for help, advice and general discussion about this game at

Technical Support SEGA

Please use the number for your region below for further technical support :


Tel: 1902 222 448 ($2.48/min)



Tel: 02 72 18 633 (tarif local)





Tel: 0190 771 882 (€1,24/min)



Tel: 1 890 925 555 (local rate)



Tel: 91 747 03 15 (Se aplica tarifa de llamada local)



Tel: 0820 37 61 58 (€0,12/min)



Tel: 0332 870 579 (vengono applicate tariffe standard di telefonata)



Tel: 040 2393 580 (local rate)



Te: 22 36 58 19 (local rate)



Tel: 0900 400 654 (€1,35/min)



Tel: 0900 105 172 (2,50 CHF/min)



Tel: 600 198 98 (€0,16/min + regular tax)



Tel: 08 720 31 00 (local rate)



Tel: 0870 010 8002 (national rate)





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