Rome: Total War, review by Vasilis

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Awesome game

Awesome game indeed, played it again and again for a while, great graphics, many races, many options, fun, I suggest this game to everyone, this RTG is amongst the best for it's time.

All should try this, do not miss it.

Perhaps it deserves better than the 9.1 I gave it but still 3 things could have been better.

1)No cheats
2)When u have too many units u experience the civilizition 1, it takes too long to transport your units to where u want them and then click end turn :S
3)In the battle if u select the toughest difficulty it is not fun for yr general to be killed when facing only 1 enemy soldier the last one!! before capturing the damn city center.

However this game rules and rocks
Posted on 08/17/2006 05:49
9.1 perfect

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*2)...the civilization 1 feel P.S.: I have played Shogun&Medieval&Rome Total War, Rome is a game I strongly suggest.
Posted on 08/18/2006 01:15