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Rome: Total Realism is a complete modification for Rome: Total War developed by an international team of skilled individuals with a passion for history. The essence of the modification is to provide a realistic approach to Rome: Total War's often lacking historical merit.

What's New in This Release:

Seventeen fully playable factions
Two hundred new historically accurate army units
Totally revamped combat stastics system
New "Area of Recruitment" gameplay mechanic
Comprehensive graphical overhaul of the front end
Introduction video, faction elimination videos
The campaign map has been redesigned
Classical soundtrack conceived by a professional composer.
Many new custom battle locations
Additional historical battles
Authentic battle formations and army deployments
Enhancements enabling the AI to fight "smarter"
Gloss textures enabling environmental reflections

Installation instructions:
1. Uninstall all traces of Rome: Total War from your PC.
2. Install a clean version of Rome Total War 1.0 from your CD-ROM.
3. Install the official Rome Total War 1.2 Update Patch
4. Install Rome Total Realism 6.0 Gold into your Rome Total War directory.
5. [Optional] Install the Music Addon (recommended)
6. Play!

If you already have an unmodified version 6.1, 6.2, 6.2 hotfix installation, or 6.3:
1. Install the Rome Total Realism 6.0 Gold patch.
2. [Optional] Install the Music Addon (recommended)
3. Play!

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