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This works on Rome 1.5, I havent tested it on others

make a copy of your imperial campaign and paste it in your campaign folder, usualy here

C:\Program Files\The Creative Assembly\Rome - Total War\data\world\maps\campaign

(or where correct on your system)

then paste this into the newly created campaign (you can change the folder name)

If asked if you would like to replace file say 'Yes'


In this small alteration:

all roman factions are at war with each other, this may not last but it slows there expantion and seriously weakens them making for a more intresting game

pontus, greek cities and macedon are currently allied to help beat of the romans and keep them strong

every province has a high way, which is great for barbarians and horsemen,
(sadly I havent changed the build list symbol so its the roman baracks, but this does not effect gameplay)

The greeks and seleucids have a greater starting fund as they always seem the weakest civilised groups
(dont worry if your a neighbour of the seleucids because there begining infrastructure is still bad so they wont be making stacks of troops but it will help them catch up)

The Following Rebel Provinces have been changed:
City (Province) = Faction now in control

Lovosice (Boihaemum) = Germany

Domus Dulcis Domus (Locus Gepidae) = Scythia
Vicus Venedae (Pripet) = Scythia

Ancyra (Galatia) = Greek Cities
Cyrene (Cyrencia) = Greek Cities
Salona (Dalmatia) = Greek Cities

Phraapsa (Atropatene) = Armenia

Dumatha (Arabia) = Seleucids


To Play:

Single Player

Provincial Campaign

(then what ever you have named the copy of the imperial campaign)

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