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-:-:-: Imperator II Add-ons pack :-:-:-

Need Imperator II v1.0 installed.

Version date: July 14th 2006

* Changelog v1.1
* Added Caius Brittanicus new Hellenic officer and Spartan reskins
* Udated to Marcus Camillus 4tpy v1.93 for RTRPE 1.6
* Correct script error for CTD in 275 BC and few others
* Updated stats in export_descr_unit.txt
* Added RTR intro for -mod: mod switch when using RomeTW-BI.exe
* Correct some mercenaries pool entry
* Update events sound file

* For new campaign v1.1
* Separate entry for roman garrison building from Eastern/Carthaginian/Egyptian entry
* Added back Senate faction as place holder to prevent unexpected late turns CTD
* Make Sarmatians into hording faction

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