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Modification for Rome Total War

NTW2 is mainly focused at MP games and historical scripted battles, the first release covers, what we called the 1812 Borodino scenario and brings you the French and Russian forces to play with in MP and a SP historical scenario, a set of historical battles around the battle of Borodino. In this scenario you are guided by Napoleon himself (with text and voice), to achieve some battle goals, the battles are linked, you do not have complete control of all units at first, but as you progress through the battles you control more and more units, and you have to work with the AI to defeat the enemy. All the battles and AI were scripted by us.

We changed almost every aspect within the modding capabilities of the game and 99% of it is Lordz own production, it is a mod about detail and quality and we tried to create a new Napoleonic atmosphere. Newly composed music, much more detailed maps, new vegetation, new skies, new climates, new light settings, new models, textures, animation, climate textures, new sounds, new voice commands(in proper Russian or French), new GUI, new artwork. Basically we stripped RTW and made a different game with the tools we had.

Our next release is all about a 1815 Waterloo scenario, here we will introduce to you the British, Brunswick, Dutch-Belgian and Prussian factions. We release an update on Borodino and will introduce the British for MP play only in about three weeks already, the Dutch-Belgians and Brunswick a month later, the Prussians around end of November 2006 with the rest, so all the new maps, new buildings, new climates, voice commands, music etc...

As Borodino mainly has an Eastern Europe style , now we will add a more Western Europe style and make sure all fits the picture again. Progress on all this is very far already, we release in faces as the MP game was so good received it is more fun when players get regular updates from know on than have to wait any longer.

Try some NTW2 MP battles online, many people play NTW2 since release.

The Lordz

P.S. In the meantime we have released The British, Prussians, The United Netherlands, Brunswick and Austrians, and finished NTW2 as a project December 2006.

Make sure you have a clean copy of Rome Total War patched to version 1.5, download the installer and follow the instructions. Please note that though support is provided for NTW2 at the Lordz forum. The Lordz group does not grant a warranty for the installation or use of this software. You utilise this modification at your own risk.

-To open the downloaded file you need a compressing program like WinZip or WinRar to open the download file: WinRar

-After opening you will find the install program inside.

-To start the program, just double click it. The install program will instruct you further and install NTW2 on your computer.

Tip: Napoleonic Total War 2 cannot be used with any other modification

Tip: Rome: Total War Gold edition and Total War: Eras already use RTW v1.5 and BI v1.6 so installation using those TW products should give no problems. Only make sure you install it into the right root directory.

Tip: NTW2 works also when you have the Alexander expansion installed.

Tip: If you install it on Rome Total War: Barbarian Invasion with the 1.6 patch, make sure you use the Rome Total War.exe file, in other words use your RTW CD or DVD, or custom battles will not work when using the Barbarian Invasion.exe file.

Tip: You can easily check if NTW2 is correctly installed by checking if you see a "napoleonic" folder in the RTW root directory you directed it to with the install program.

Tip: You can uninstall NTW2 by using the uninstall option that was be created by the install program, or manually by deleting the "napoleonic" folder from the RTW root directory you installed it in.

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