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Author: dre123

This update for my mod and this version contains the following listed below plus everything in the previous versions of this mod

Night Battles
Darth Formations from the 16.2 super pack
Added the provinces of Mauretania Tingitina, Raetia and Moesia
Added frontier garrisons/legions to the Danube and Rhine frontiers
Added 5000 extra denarii for the Roman Empire
Renamed few provinces
Can only build ships in provinces with timber
Doubled amount of trade routes via sea for every stage of port.

To install just extract to your RTW directory

Requires rtw 1.5

If you wish to use anything in my mod then you must contact me at - my TW Center name is dre123. If you have any suggestions or wish to make any comments then contact me via Email or at the TW Center

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