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EB v0.81 is here! We originally said you could expect it "soon", but then we hit a snag which took time to resolve and then the Christmas season arrived and most EB members took some well-deserved time off. In January we resumed full work on 0.81 and hit some more snags, including several nasty CTDs. And to top it all off, our FTP server suffered some downtime, making it harder to coordinate the updates as we had to find other avenues for sharing modified files between us. But now the Patch is here, so rejoice and we are certain you will enjoy it!!

An interesting sidenote: As therother compiled the v.81 installer, he counted how many files EB had added or changed in RTW v1.5 and the number is: 19,765
Impressive eh!

Read me :

Download the Patch (that's this file) if you already have EB v0.8 installed. If you don't want to download it here, you can get it at these sites:
v0.81 Patch torrent
v0.81 Patch EB FTP

If you don't have EB v0.8 installed, you need to download the full installer from one of these sites:
v0.81 Full Installer torrent
v0.81 Full Installer EB FTP
v0.81 Full Installer ORG

Be sure to close all unnecessary applications before running the installer. If the installer crashes during the installation process, it is almost certainly a memory problem caused by too many open applications.

If your browser won't download the patch, please use a torrent or refer to this post for help

Past experience indicates that many of the reported problems with EB involve bad installations of either RTW or EB. Accordingly, if you follow these instructions EXACTLY, you should not have a problem:

1. Install RTW 1.0
2. Update RTW with the v1.3 Patch
3. Update RTW with the v1.5 Patch
4. Load a game to make sure RTW is working (i.e. it should list the version number on one of the screens - see "Note" below for details), and after confirming the version number, shut it down
5. Copy this entire folder to a new directory and rename THE COPY (for example, instead of "Rome: Total War" it would be "EB")
6. Install EB v.80 into the new "EB" directory
7. Load a game to make sure EB v.80 is working (you MUST load the game using the desktop shortcut created during the installation process), and after confirming that it loads properly, shut it down
8. Install the EB v.81 Patch into the new "EB" directory
9. Go to "\Rome - Total War\EB\Data\world\maps\base" and delete the file map.rwm. This is to make sure EB uses the latest map changes.
10. Load a game using the EBv81 desktop shortcut created during the installation process (The EB Menu screen will have "ver. 0.8.1" imprinted on the bottom left)

Note: If you have a newer version of RTW, or just aren't sure what version it is, be sure to load it and check. Launch a game of "vanilla", and at the RTW Menu screen, select "Options". The version number will appear on the top right of the next screen.

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