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A small minimod for EB 0.81a V2 that adds nightbattles as well as recruitable generals for the roman faction and re includes first cohorts.


Changes in 1.3:
-Includes all permament bugfixes from EB 0.81a V2 as far as they effect files altered by this mod
-Praetorian cohorts charge bonus fixed
-morale bonus of 21 in one pontic temple fixed (now 2)
-added icons for schildtrom and shield wall formations to EB cultural UIs
-It's now (hopefully) easier to get a triumph
-includes the changes of the Improved CTD FIX (new EDB)
-Fully comaptible with EB 0.81a
-Marian legionaries are now more difficult to recruit outside of Italy: They now need at least a level 4 MIC and a type II government
-fixed several bugs in the roman recruitment system that didn't made it into the hotfix and limited augustan era recruitable generals to italy and made higher level auxilia unavailable outside type 2 gov. areas
-several new quotes
-added battlemap voices for the first cohorts (same as for ordinary cohorts)
-fixed an EDB warning message

To install:
-you need an existing install of EB 0.81a or 0.81a V2
-unzip the file into your Rome directory, overwrite all files.
-delete the "map.rwm" file in your "Rome\EB\Data\world\maps\base" directory if you have played a campaign with Eb 0.81a before


-2 new Roman first cohort units for Marian and Augustan reform eras recruitable in Roma in the corresponding level 5 MIC.

The first cohorts contains the aquilifer that carries the legions eagle standard that gives a moral bonus to nearby units. They consists of the best legionaries of the legion and thus have slightly better stats than the normal versions. All first cohort are numbered consecutively from I to infinity. As in vanilla the eagle can be lost/captured in battle and generals get the corresponding traits.

-Recruitable Roman Generals

They are buildable in level 5 MICs by training their corresponding bodyguard units:
-Equites Consulares in Roma with Camillan and Polybian reforms
-Equites Consulares in all homeland provinces after the Marian reforms
-Equites Singulares in all type2 fully Romanized provinces after the Augustan reforms

-Night battles
They work just as in BI, but without the silly torches. A general with the night attacker trait can choose if he wants to try a night attack. generals can get this trait if the succesfully fought a night battle or have more than 4 command stars.

-Commanding officers for all roman cavalry units
-A new unique building in Phasania
-several new quotes

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