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NTW1 is a modification for Medieval Total War.

"A Battle? Are you sure you know what a battle is? Between a battle won, and a battle lost, there are Empires, Kingdoms, the World... or Nothing."

Napoleon Bonaparte to his officers on the evening of June 17, 1815; the eve of the battle of Waterloo.

Step into the boots of Napoleon, Wellington, or Alexander and take command on the Napoleonic Battlefield! This Medieval - Total War mod brings the player to the European battlefield of the early 1800s. Take command of entire Corps of infantry and grenadiers, brigades of Cuirassiers and Cossacks, or massive batteries of cannon, and march to war!

This mod completely replaces the military world of medieval Europe with that of Napoleonic Europe. Nations such as France, England, Russia, Prussia, Poland, Spain, the Ottoman Empire, and many others now dominate the political landscape. On the battlefield, gunpowder is now the master. Napoleonic Total War features dozens of types of infantry to pick from, ranging from common militia to various line infantries, across a wide range of light infantry, and all the way up to the grenadiers and even the French Old Guard. Cavalry brings an entirely new, mobile element to the Napoleonic battlefield. Ranging from the light Dragoons and Hussars, up to the elite Cuirassiers and Cossack Guard, waves of cavalry are capable of sweeping aside cowering infantry. And artillery, fully mobile in this mod thanks to the modern development of limbers, can rain shell and shot down on enemies from across the field.

This mod contains two Single Player eras, one that allows the player to build his or her empire from the ground up, and one that allows the player to be promoted to command at the height of the Napoleonic wars. In either, develop your infrastructure, build your economy, and gear yourself up for conquest! For multiplayer, the Fields of Battle era is perfectly balanced to create a fun and balanced multiplayer experience... you haven't played until you have played with seven other human officers on the field! Napoleonic Total War even contains the Eastern Alliance era, an expansion of some of the current historical factions and even the creation of some fictional yet historically inspired ones.

Along with active support and forums, the Lordz are happy to present Napoleonic Total War, a mod that changes the face of single and multiplayer combat across some of the richest periods of military history.

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