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Content of the mod since the beginning:
- New factions : 7 Japanese Clan : Mori, Imagawa, Shimazu, Oda, Takeda, Uesugi, Hojo. And The Ming Dynasty (Chinese) and the Altan Khan Empire (Mongols)
- New models
- New units
- New interface
- New vegetations
- New trees
- New factions icons
- New AI
- New menu, background, loadings screens
- New grass
- New skies
- New : Guns fire
- New buildings for Chinese and Japanese factions (replace the Greeks buildings and the Barbarian buildings in the settlements culture choice)
- New music
- New citations
- New animations
- More longer battles (thanks to our member Templar Knight)
- New maps for custom battles

Only the Custom battles are available, there are no campaign.

Thankyou list :
- Great thanks to the Europa Barbarorum team for his awesome skies
- Great thanks to Prometheus for his new grass
- Great thanks to Hoggy and the Blue Lotus team for their "asiatic" buildings and their models
- Great thanks to Wlesmana for his animations
- Great thanks to Diviciaco, for his great work
- Great thanks to all the BoA team, and all BoA testers
- Great thanks to all the RTW player who helped us, in anyway
- Great thanks to Lady Meg and the Lordz, for their help for the guns fire

Disclamer :
Please follow exactly installation instructions in .rar archives. (Remember it's not necessary to delete again events.dat when you install the Music addon because you already did it when you installed BoA v2.0).

/_!_\ WARNINGS :

1) If you add, in custom and multiplayer battles, too many soldiers and if the "TOTAL SOLDIERS" indicator turns to a red number and you start the battle, it'll bug your BoA version with CTD's because BoA's models are with a lot of vertices and RTW Engine will not support it. Damages it causes will definatly bug your RTW-BoA installation so you'll have to reinstall all from the start of the How to install BoA.
2) Some CTDs could occurs during battles loadings and we don't know why, you just have to restart BoA and the battle : last CTD will not happen again.
3) BoA isn't supported by Creative Assembly and Sega supports.

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