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1. The RTR TIC sky has been implemented. In order for it to be fully mod switch compatible, the new sky has been included in a revised mod_0.pak

2. Line 3312 of EDB, faction requirement listing missing final space after comma (reported by MasterOfNone)
Line changed to:
weapon_missile 2 requires factions { germans, scythia, }

3. A complete revision has been done to the units` voices. Some of them(almost all custom units) lacked voices and others had a strange choice of voice(for example the ambacti was using the arab light voice). Now the celts and celtiberians use barbarian voices and only the aor iberic units are using the few arab voices that CA originally made for them(like iberian infantry or scutarii). Also, the type of voice(general, heavy, medium or light) has been chosen to reflect each unit`s type, class and so on.

4. The Punic Thureophoroi had been coded in with pilum but they clearly have plain javelins as part of the model. They now throw javelins.

5. Balearic slingers (custom ca belearic slinger) and Caetrati Slingers(custom sp slinger, custom br slinger, custom cf belearic slinger) were not implemented in descr_sounds_units_fire and were making archer sounds. They have been included now.

6. Small typo corrected for the description of the carthaginian sacred band cavalry(citizens instead of volunteers in one place).

7. The Greek Thureophoroi had been codded in with swords in EDU(merc greek thureophoroi, custom cf greek thureophoroi) and with the sword animation in DMB, but they actually use spears. They`ve been corrected in both files. Also, new sprites have been generated to make sure no conflict will be caused.

8. Extra space between the skeletons of the libyan_velite in DMB removed.

9. Falcata scutarii, custom sp falcata scutarii and custom cf falcata scutarii have all been codded in with the mercenary_atribute in EDU. This means they are all using the merc texture from DMB even though there is also a regular faction texture available. The mercenary_unit attribute was removed from all of them. New sprites were also made for the units using the texture previously unused so that they match. Removing the mercenary_unit attribute will have no side effect, because the unit was not mentioned in descr_mercenaries anyway.

10. Changes done to the various Caetrati Falcata units. The no_custom attribute that the unit custom br caetrati Falcata had in EDU has been removed. It will now be available in custom battles. Also, the no_custom attribute from merc caetrati falcata was removed as it was useless. The unit only had slave for ownership. The mercenary_unit attribute from custom mf merc caetrati falcata was removed. It was a faction unit only available in custom battles for the Turdetani. Sprites redone for them too, to be sure they match the new texture.

11. The script fix made available by HouseOfHam in post #136 from The Technical Help Thread has been included.

12. The Celtiberian/Keltoi Heavy Cavalry was using 7 entries in DMB for no good reason. Each of them had only one texture and each for a different faction(except two entries that had spain for texture while using the exact same texture), while the model they were using was the same. They were merged into only one entry(aedui_heavy_cavalry) and the necessary corrections in EDU were made.

13. aor gallic heavy cavalry was recruitable by spain and carthage in EDB, but it only had slave for ownership in EDU. They were given the ownership of those factions in EDU too.

14. mercenary_unit attribute removed from custom gallic heavy cavalry. They were a faction unit only and not available in descr_mercenaries. Sprites redone for the units using the aedui_heavy_cavalry DMB entry so as to make sure no conflicts will appear after the changes that had been done.

15. the medium horse was used only for the Iberian Scutarii unit as the chain armored horse. It was changed back as it was in RTRPE to heavy horse1, entry which is not used in TIC. It was also given more mass since it is an armored horse. In TIC it is the heaviest horse, but it had lower mass then the regular unarmored heavy horse. It will now have the mass of the hellenic creasted heavy horse. This is to say higher than the regular heavy horse, but lower than what the general horses have. The sprites for the horse and the rider have been redone to be sure. The new horse has also been implemented in the text files for sounds.

16. The scutarii cavalry had two entries in DMB for no good reason. The entry iberian_light_cavalry_merc has been removed and the necessary corrections in EDU were made.

17. All the tabs used in EDB have been removed. This file is not supposed to have spaces made with tab in it. Too many of them and it will CTD. Use the space bar from now on.

18. Second weapon(sword) implemented in EDU for custom gallic heavy cavalry, generic rebel general, custom slave barbarian warlord. They were lacking it while the other units using the same DMB entry had one.

19. Proper ui cards done for the Greek Thureophoroi. They were previoulsy using the ui cards for the bactrian version of the unit. Thanks to Uranos for making the new cards!

20. Proper ui cards done for the units using the aor textures of falcata scutarii and celtiberian heavy cavalry. They were previously using the ui cards for the faction texture. Thanks to Uranos for making the new cards!

21. Alll units in TIC have been properly implemented in the text files for the sounds. This is to say:
The carthaginian and numidian units have been coded in the section for the carthaginians(arab voice), the few greek units in the greek section and the rest(celtiberians, lusitanians, turdetanians and iberian/balearic aor) in the barbarian section. The other units that were in EDU even though they were not part of TIC proper have also been implemented. This relates to the sounds they make when they charge, retreat, celebrate and so on, not to the replies each of your units gives when you click them in battle.

22. All mounts (horses and elephants) have been implemented in the text files for the sounds:

23. The two lusitanian family members with sizable armies were placed both on the same spot(inside their capital). As a result a glitch resulted with one of them standing on top of the settlement. The heir has now been moved to the north of their province.

24. The trade value of gold and silver has been changed to 10 from 7 and 6 respectively so that mine-income levels match those in the building description. Correction suggested by Anallein.

25. Two mistakes corrected in descr_strat for the Ilergetes and Bastetani garissons. There were two lines of experience level with no units in front of them.

26. corrections to the buildings made by Anallein have been included. To quote him on this:
- special-buiding A3 placed in mines complex (due to the mine-income they give)
- mines building conditionals fixed
- descr_strat: adjusted special building changes

27. mercenary_unit attribute added to the EDU entry belearic slinger so as to use the balearic version of the skin for all factions.

28. Soldier entry changed(new DMB entry added) for the EDU entry merc balearic slinger. Funny as it may seem, they are actually the caetratii slingers, but the merc texture on the DMB entry they were using was the balearic one. They were also given the ownership for britons, mini_faction and counter_faction because they were recruitable by those factions in EDB.

29. A few units were added at the end of the EDU as mercenaries, aor and one faction unit.

30. The mercenary pool revised so that their composition coresponds now to the list of the history department.

31. the warcry ability was added in EDU to the following celtic and celtiberian/lusitanian units: rtr keltoi ambacti, rtr aedui ambacti, custom ga aedui ambacti, custom cf keltoi ambacti, merc keltoi ambacti, gallic soldurii,custom gallic soldurii, rtr caetrati ambakti, custom lusitanian caetrati, rtr celtiberian ambacti, merc celtiberian scutarii, custom mf celtiberian scutarii, rtr celtiberian scutarii, custom sp celtiberian scutarii.

32. All regions now have proper revolts with unique(for almost all regions) names and different unit composition.

33. Added ownership slave for belearic slinger.

34. Added slave ownership for rtr liby-punic hoplite because they will also be used for the libyphoenician revolt(for the two punic settlements in southern Iberia) as a slave unit too. The necessary corrections were made to DMB and the proper ui cards included for the slave.

35. The rebel garrisons of the two North African settlements(Siga and Lixus) now consist of Libyan Javelinmen and Numidian Cavalry instead of greek thureophoroi, cretan archers, greek hoplites or caetratii falcata, keltoi ambacti and keltoi swordsmen as before.

36. Celtiberian slinger added for the celtiberian faction.

37. Keltoi slinger(aor unit) added and made recruitable based on the aor_gaul resource.

38. Added slave ownership in EDU for rtr celtiberian ambacti so that they can be used in slave garrisons. Texture and sprites for slave have been added to its DMB entry.

39. The garrisons that the rebel settlements from Iberia had at the start of the campaign have been revised so that they have proper troop types.(no more greeks in segobriga for one thing)

40. map.rwm file added(Rome - Total War\TIC\data\world\maps\base) to facilitate multiplayer. Suggested by Annalein.

41. Added counter_faction for the ownership of merc cretan archers in EDU so that they will be available for Saguntum in custom battles. The no_custom attribute it had was removed to make it available.

42. Eb building card for #carthaginian_special4.tga replaced with the barbarian shrine.

43. Several corrections to the file export_units concerning typos in the units` descriptions.

44. All bodyguard units now have 1 HP. Previously only the carthaginian and celtiberian bodyguards had one and the rest had two. It was a matter of choosing between these numbers to make things uniform and I want to credit Analleing for choosing 1 for all.

45. The no_custom attribute has been removed from rtr punic sacred band cavalry so they`ll appear in the custom battles. The unit didn`t had a custom version in EDU like the other units.

46. The rtr numidian royal cavalry (Numidian Noble Cavalry) was added to the garrisons of the two north african rebel settlements(one for each). The unit was previously unused.

47. A note has been added that will appear after the last scripted mission of the campaign telling the player no more misisons will follow. Credits to Anallein for implementing it.

48. New entries made in EDU (custom mf falcata scutarii and custom br falcata scutarii) so that the Turdetani and Lusitani will have the Scutarii Falcata unit for custom battles. Caetrati Falcata Mercenaries(custom sp merc caetrati falcata), Elite Iberian Scutarii(custom sp celtiberian scutum), Caetrati Tribesmen(custom sp caetrati skirmisher) and Cantabrian Cavalry(custom sp cantabrian cavalry) added to the custom battles for the Celtiberians. Caetrati Falcata(custom cf caetrati falcata) and Elite Iberian Scutarii (custom cf celtiberian scutum) were also added to the Saguntum roster for custom battles. The Cantabrian Cavalry(custom br cantabrian cavalry) and Celtiberian Scutarii Mercenaries(custom br celtiberian scutarii) were added to the Lusitani roster for custom battles.

49. The costs of the custom and merc versions of the Iberian Elite Scutarii have been raised because they were unrealisticaly low compared to other units. They now have the costs of the aor/faction unit.

50. Name and description changed for the celtic javelineers. They were previously named Peltastai and were using a greek thureophoroi description. They are now named Celtic Skirmishers and use the RTR 6 description of the Skirmisher Warband adapted to contain the new name in the text.

51. The DMB entry iberian_light_cavalry_merc was deleted as it was not in use.

52. Corrections were made to the files expanded_bi and expanded because there were a lot of inconsistencies in there. For example the Lusitanians were called britons, lusitanians, illyrians or ardiaei in different places. The spies, diplomats and assasins now have a faction identifier. For example Lusitanian Spy instead of just Spy.

53. As requested, the primary attack value of the balearic slingers has been raised from 2 to 3.

54. The missing mine card(displaying the roman barracks instead) has been fixed. Thanks to Anallein.

55. The cost some units had for custom battles have been revised so that the mp battles will be more balanced. Changes made by Anallein.

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