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Author: prince of persia

Greco-Persian Wars Modification

This mod requires Rome Total War v1.5 and it is designed to cover the conflicts between Greek factions and those of Persia between 550BC - 250BC. This mod will allow users to play as Greek and Persian units in Rome Total War. Parthia is now Persia and in conflict with the Greek City States. Alexandrian factions are also modified for better game play (other factions are still available).

New Units:

Greek Cities:

Elite Hellenic Hoplite
Spartan Hoplites
Spartan Phalanx Pikemen
Hellenic Phalanx Pikemen
Hellenic Medium Hoplite
Asthetairoi [Gold Shields]
Argyraspides [Silver Shields]
Pezhetairois [Bronze Shields]

Ptolemy (Egypt):
Levy Phalangists
Pezhetairois (Bronze Shields)
Asthetairois (Gold Shields)
Persian Immortals (Artisabara)
Immortals (Fictional, by
Persian Sparabara
Scythed Chariots (Persia)

King's Chariots

Bactrian Cataphracts (Persia)
Barcanian Cavalry (Persia)
Hyrcanian Cavalry
Persian Peltasts
Mardian Archers
New Battles:
Battle of Thermopylae, Marathon and Gaugamela will be included in the next release.

Historical Accuracy / References

Even though this MOD's timeframe is mixed, it is still intended to be historically accurate. The units, are designed to be as accurate as possible. Much research has been done to ensure all units are properly named and armed. IFor example, the persian Kardakes, which very little is known about is depicted as follows:
Persian Army
Greek Army

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