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Iberia: Total War Gold Edition

# Features #

Iberia Total War Gold Edition is a mod for RTW 1.5 that focus on the Iberian peninsula during the roman period. It is a completely new release and you need only a clean RTW installation (not the previous version of ITW).

1. The structure
ITW Gold will be one of the largest mods for RTW and it will be released in two parts. It runs in a separate mod folder and you will be able to choose one of the two language versions, English or Spanish.
The first release, the mod, has more than 6500 files, for more than 800 MB size (once installed).
The second release will be the sound system with new music, new ambient sounds and new speaks in the ancient languages. It will be around 1 GB (once installed). We will speak about it in due course.

2. The factions
The mod contains 20 playable factions in battle mode (custom and multiplayer): two roman factions, carthaginians and numidians, greeks and italic tribes, two gallic factions, and 12 playable iberian tribes (cantabri, asturi, gallaeci, lusitani, celtiberians, vaccei, illergeti, edetani, carpetani, oretani, turdetanians, and bastetani).

3. The units
All the units have been re-designed from historical data.
ITW contains 245 cas models with 384 textures. Most of units are widely available in campaign, as they appear as auxilliary or mercenary units in the corresponding zones.

All factions have a set of officers (general, officer, musician, and standard).

name unit in culture language:

By example: Cartague in punic language -
(5 examples)
- habbim
- kabhed ba'al parash I-Shaphan
- Kêna'ani K-Kart-Hadašt
- ba'al parash I-Shaphan
- Mda Räbhab

One non-combatant unit: the supply chariot

Regarding animations, SigniferOne animations for infantry are still used, and we are using Prometheus animations for cavalry (with slight modifications) and some new animations for musicians.

4. The battle system
It has been completely changed from RTW system. Now the units are more resistant to death and the key point for victory is moral. In ancient battles the casualties were very limited and this has been tried to be imported to ITW. Projectile are less lethal, and they must be used wisely to reduce the enemy moral.

Formations are more difficult to mantain as the mass of soldiers has been made proportional to the light/heavy character of the unit.
Now massive battles are possible given that units are larger in number with very few exceptions.

5. The campaigns
The "classical" one imperial and four provincial campaigns are kept, with redesigned scripts that include now the 4tpy script.
The map has been re-texturized:
and all the models for generals, captains and fleet are new.

In the provincial campaigns, missions are issued to the human player, with the corresponding rewards and consecuences.

6. Sound System
Iberia Total War have a new sound and music system that soon u can download. You will can hear speak to your units in ancient languages.

ITW Gold will have the most developed (to the best of my knowledge) and original new sound system of any mods. It will be optional, and will be released as a mod apart. Here I am posting a preview of the main features of this new sound system, developed by CeltiberoAsdrubal.


The battles don’t contain music, except the sounds of the ancient instruments (horns, trumpets, flutes, etc) used in the ancient armies to march and give orders. The aim of this change is to give a more immersive experience to the player.

New music has been included for pre-and postbattle times, including the introductory screens.

In the campaigns, all music is changed, using ancient music.


The mod will be a complete “ancient languages” mod. We have started from the latinvoice mod, but it has been expanded to the rest of factions. Each culture uses its own language, either real or adapted from the modern languages derived from the ancient one: latin, ancient greek, gaelic, phoenician, poeni, arameic, hebrew, basque, etc.
The voices have been recorded by members of Clan Celtiberos and friends of our clan, and have been “remasterized” by CeltiberoLlop.

- Unit names will be listened in the native language when clicked.
- Voices of march and fight in each of those languages.
- Portions of the Iliad for greeks.
- The voices of the enemies will be also listened in the corresponding language.
- Speeches in native language. All the vestiges of the modern languages have been eliminated.


In general these sounds are more potent than in RTW, as they are really the sounds listened in battle.

- There are more variety than in the original RTW: rain, snow, wind, rivers.
- The same with the animals: different sounds for galloping, march, elephants...
- Weapons and collision sounds, as well as armour sounds.
- Warcry mod improved, with lower volume, and all the English voices eliminated. New cries and taunts have been included.
- Also silence is important. Silent moments have been included, mainly for the marching time.

7. News horses
Historical accuracy horses races for your battles.

8. Other features
13 historical battles are included, among them the new Ilerda battle.
New interfaces, vegetation, skies, loading screens, lots of custom battle scenarios...

# Credits #

* Contributions to the Gold Edition:

CeltiberoRamiroI (Monkwarrior): coordination, models, animations, textures, 2D graphics, scripts, coding, maps
CeltiberoIdibil: historical research, descriptions, unit stats, webmaster, voices
CeltiberoAsdrúbal: sounds, scripts, tests, voices
CeltiberoKarmipoka: historical battles, historical research, videos, voices
Uranos: maps, ui, unit cards
CeltiberoEco: videos (not included in this version)
Prometheus: animations, vegetation
Ambrosius Aurelianus: English translation
Unit models and textures: CeltiberoViriato, CeltiberoCaesarAugusto, Legionario, Chirico, Diviciaco, Akiles, Spirit of Rob

2D art: CeltiberoLeonidas, CeltiberoEspartiata, Publius

Voices: CeltiberoLoky, CeltiberoLlop, CeltiberoEpg, CeltiberoCaesarAugusto, CeltiberoEspartiata, CeltiberoKlu, Virio

Thanks to: Myrdraal (4tpy), CeltiberoAviriatus, Darth Vader (formations), Redman (sky), CeltiberoJeno, Teleklos Archelaou

* Contributions to the previous versions included in the Gold Edition:

SigniferOne: animations
Riczu: ship models
Webbird: models and textures (numidians)
Warspite: models and textures (numidians)
Pinarius: horse models
CeltiberoManimor: 2D art
Northammer: warcrymod
Shigawire: latinvoicemod
SempronioSabino: history advisor

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