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Authors: the ITW team


This is not a mod, but it needs Iberia Total War Gold Edition to work. Moreover, it is necessary to install over ITWGE, it is not possible to make the installation in the reversal order.

The installer works in the same way as that of ITWGE:
1- Selection of installer language
2- Beginning and licence agreement
3- Selection of the version of sounds to be installed (English or Spanish)
4- Choice of installation directory. Unfortunately the installer has the same bug and it is necessary to delete by hand the "Rome - Total War" that it is automatically added at the end of the path.

Once installed, you must play ITWGE with the same shortcut you have before installation of sound system.

In the installation directory a uninstaller will be created, named uninstall_ITW_GoldEd_SoundSyst.exe (or something similar, I have not here the exact name). If you want to uninstall the sound system you must use this uninstaller.
I you want to uninstall completely ITWGE (even if I cannot see the reason) you must uninstall first the sound system and then the whole mod with uninstall.exe, in the same directory.


For the sound system to work it is necessary to put Miles 2D in the sound settings of RTW. Other systems simply do not work.

The installer is 740 MB size (more or less) and once installed is more than 1.1 GB size.
Because of that the whole mod loads more slowly than the mod without sounds.

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