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Author: Lusted

Overview of Mod


Terrae Expugnandae is a mod aimed at improving the gameplay of Rome - Total War.


The mod installer will auotmatically find the path of your Rome - Total War install. You can also manually choose the path for it.

Terrae Expugnandae Gold uses a mod folder install and so will not overwrite any of your original Rome - Total War files so you can play both Terrae Expugnandae and the original game whilst Terrae Expugnandae is installed. You just have to launch them from the correct shortcuts.

You can run Terrae Expugnandae from it's desktop shortcut, or from the start menu.

This mod is for RTW 1.5. It WILL NOT WORK OR WILL NOT WORK CORRECTLY with 1.0, 1.1, 1.2 or 1.3.

If you have previous versions of Terrae Expugnandae installed, I recommend doing a complete uninstall and reinstall of Rome - Total War before installing Terrae Expugnandae Gold.

Save games from vanilla or previous versions of the mod are not compatible with Gold.

Changes - What the mod does

Faction Changes

-Unified Roman faction and Senate removed.
-2 new factions: Baktria and Epirus.
-Egypt changed into a more accurate version: Ptolemaios.
-Spain renamed to Iberia.

Campaign Map

-Mundus Magna v3 used for campaign map.
-Campaign now uses the Ab Urbe condita dating system with game staritng in 473 AUC(280 BC).
-New campaign map textures.
-Barbarian factions can build all city levels, and get a load of new buildings from Barbarian Invasion.
-Unique Victory Conditions for all factions.
-New faction victory, death and defeat images.
-Night battles from Barbarian Invasion added to campaign.
-Building and recruitment priorities for many factions changed to improve campaign AI.
-Genetics, Ageing, Family and Health traits and ancilliaries added in, adds in new traits and ancillaries, and fixes some bugs with them.
-Senate offices still in game as traits despite the fact there is no senate.
-Rebels no longer get peasants to make them a tougher challenge.
-Peasants no longer recruitable in campaign.
-More starting money for all factions to help improve the challenge.
-First Cohorts only recruitable in Italy, but now use the Barbarian Invasion legion name feature.
-Recruitment and upkeep costs increased to reduce amount of full stacks and so make battles more decisive.
-Recruitable generals.
-Romans can only build onagers after the marian reforms.
-Stronger rebles to increase the challenge of early expansion.

Battlemap and Units

-Edited custom battle locations to improve custom battle maps.
-New custom battle locations.
-SignifierOnes animation pack implemented - new animations for gladius, hoplites, and others.
-Longer lasting battles.
-New units added for all factions, a total of around 30 in all.
-More realistic unit movement speeds.
-Urban Cohort, Praetorian Cavalry, War Dogs, Flaming Pigs, Screeching Women and Arcani removed.
-Greek units given greek style names to give a more unique feel to them.
-Rate of fire on siege towers greatly reduced.

New models, textures, loading screens and more

-Reskins for nearly every unit for every faction.
-New icons for all factions done by Kaweh K(some edited my myself), and completely new symbols for many factions.
-New battlemap banners for GreeK Cities, Thrace, Romans, Seleucids, Numidia, Carthage, Macedon, Gaul, Germania, Dacia, Britons.
-New textures for the campaign map.
-New campaign map generals and captains for all factions.
-Reskinned agents for all factions.
-new unit cards for all reskinned units done by me.
-Redone sprites for all units.
-New interfaces for all cultures including the Barbarian interface from Barbarian Invasion.
-Realistic horse mod by Pinarius included.
-New loading screens and menu backgrounds.
-Skymod courtsey of Archer: greatly improves look of the skys and different daytipes.


This mod is for personal use only and no elements of it may be incorporated into a public mod without my permission.

A great big THANK YOU!!!! to all those modders who let me use their material in this mod.

Me(Lusted/Cemendur) - Everything in mod unless credited below.
Kaweh K - unit cards for 4.0 and faction icons and for some of his artwork for loading screens.
Webbird - for use of his greek, carthaginian and barbarian skins.
SignifierOne - for his amazing animations pack.
Pinarius - for his realistic horse mod and elements of his skins.
GODzilla - for use of elements of his skins.
Warspite - for use of his eastern, numidian and merc skins.
Augustus21 - for use of his phalagnites.
ATG - for use of his bronze Spartan unit.
Hobbes - for the Mundus Magna 3.
Ngr - for the Mundus Magna 3.
Archer - for use of the Skymod.
Kali - for use of his parthian skins.
Malrubius - for use of the GAFH mod, and for help with getting the Senate Offices back ingame.
The Trivium Organization - for various bits.
Vercingetorix - for the tools to mod RTW.
The Lordz Modding Collective - for use of their unit radar map icon.
Sinhuet - for the use of his formations mod.
Charge - for use of his campaign map textures.
Rome Total Realism - for letting me use their Ptolemy and Seleucid faction symbols.
Europa Barbarorum - for permission to use pictures of their units as basis for my own.
Creative Assembly - for creating such a wonderful game, and allowing people to mod it as much as we can. Also for the new Barbarian interface and buildings I have transferred over from Barbarian Invasion.

A great big thanks to all the 4.0, 5.0 and Gold beta testers as well:
Cyrus the Virus
Hitman Blood Money
Gaius Baltar
Publius Clodius

Thanks to Razor for thinking of the great name of the mod.

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