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nformation about this version:

This is the RTW version of the Fourth Age: Total War - The New Shadow mod, for those that do not have Barbarian Invasion. It requires the 1.5 version of RTW, so make sure you have patched your game to it before you try installing it.

The RTW version has been patched up to its very latest version (2.6) and includes everything that the one for BI does, except any non-portable capabilities, such as shield-wall or hording, that cannot be supported by the RTW.exe. The original folder structure of the mod has been kept the same, for coding purposes, so a bi/ci directory will be created in your RTW installation and the mod's files will be put there. The size of the file is so big, because all BI files necessary for the mod to run have been included in it.

The game has not been fully tested on this RTW version, as this release serves as a teaser for players in order to get BI and try the fully supported version of FATW for it, which is constantly under improvement and expansion, so there is no guarantee for the stability of the mod. Nonetheless, this release is believed to be highly stable, something FATW has always been praised for, and up to the same high quality standards that the 220,000+ players of the BI version enjoy.

Note that this version will NOT be developed further with patches or new releases in the foreseeable future and it will it be supported by our Team for any technical issues that are exclusive to the platform. Please, get BI and the BI version of FATW to enjoy the mod to its fullest.

The New Shadow includes:

* One new faction playable in the campaign: The Kingdom of Adűnabâr, in addition to the The Kingdom of Rohan, The Chiefdom of Dunland, The Reunited Kingdom, The Empire of Harad, and The Chiefdom of Rhűn.
* A map incorporating roughly half of western Middle-earth, including Minhiriath, Enedhwaith, Dunland, Drúwaith Iaur (Old Púkel-land), Rohan, the Brown Lands, Emyn Muil, Dagorlad, Gondor, Mordor, Near & Far Harad, Khand, southern Wilderland, and the areas just south of the Sea of Rhűn.
* Over 50 entirely new units, for a total of 150. Orcs & Wargs are recruitable by Dunland and Adűnabâr (who also get Trolls), the Reunited Kingdom starts with one Elven archer unit, and Rohan starts with one Dwarven unit. This does not include levies and assimilation units.
* A complete revamp of the unit balance system, and many improvements to campaign balance.
* Three historical battles: The Battle of the Crossings of Poros, The First Battle of the Fords of Isen, and the Battle of the Cloven Way (Faramir’s ambush of the Haradrim).
* Around 50 entirely new traits (for a total of 200), and 50 (total 350) new ancillaries (including many new images); plus many tweaks to the triggers and effects of current traits and ancs requested by the community.
* A new alignment has been implemented, and loyalty activated for the two Dúnedanic factions.
* New formations that will make the battles even more challenging than before.
* New armour/weapon upgrade system that now utilizes recent coding discoveries that allow units to be blocked from being recruited if technologies are not available.
* A custom-designed 'area of recruitment' system called MEZoRS, or Middle-earth Zone of Recruitment System. Goes far beyond the standard faction-specific recruitment buildings by creating a system of levies (local troops levied from conquered regions) and three region types: homelands, fiefdoms and outlands which affect such things as public loyalty, happiness and how long it takes to build your tech. trees. Also includes access to 'assimilation units' when you conquer designated 'chief cities' of major sub-cultural areas.
* Five Wonders: The Stone of Erech, The Ruins of Osgiliath, Edhellond, The Treegarth of Orthanc, and The Argonath; three Unique Cities: Minas Tirith, Helm’s Deep, and Edoras; three Marvels (wonder-like structures): The Sea-ward Tower (Tirith Aear), The White Tree of Gondor, and The Gardens of Ithilien.
* Three Landmarks: The Beacons of Gondor, Barrows, and Fortresses; six new trade resources: gemstones, sheep, fish, ivory, horses, and cattle.
* Completely revamped technology trees for all 6 factions including many new building complexes such as Memorials, Wonder Capture buildings, Courts & Gardens, and Places of Mirth as well as faction-specific recruitment complexes.
* City Development: Engage the City development process and gain access to a choice of over 25 Diversification Buildings across the 6 campaign factions. These buildings will powerfully develop your city by way of trade, military strength, naval power, and so forth.
* Regional Buildings: Each sub-cultural area has its own unique Regional Lore building which gives you access to information about the area, its fertility, the native inhabitants and their stance toward your faction and other useful information to help you know whether to settle, move on or simply dominate the region.
* A custom-designed menu interface, featuring original artwork by Anke Eissmann and Peter Xavier Price.
* New music by David Arkenstone, complementing the artists such as: Justin R. Durban , Jonas Fancony, Matti Paalanen, Tapani Siirtola, and Matias ‘Amppi’ Puumala.
* New interfaces for all campaign cultures.
* 19 loading screens, and 228 loading-screen quotations.
* several new campaign-map textures.

Installation Instructions:

BEFORE you get started:

This version requires RTW to be patched to 1.5, so please make sure you have patched your game before trying to install and play. If you do not patch to 1.5, then you will be unable to play the campaign and the Historical Battles and you will start getting messages regarding scripts, models, files, the “select an item from the list” one and more. This has nothing to do with the mod, it simply means you have not patched your RTW to 1.5 before installing.

Step 1:

The FATW_RTW.rar contains 2 folders, named “FATW_Icons” and “BI” and a read-me document. When you extract the files from the .rar cut the ‘BI’ and ‘FATW_Icons’ folder and place them inside your *main* RTW directory; this usually is “C:\Program Files\The Creative Assembly\Rome - Total War” or “C:\Program Files\Activision\Rome - Total War”, depending on the version you have. In any case, it is the directory where the RTW.exe file exists.

Step 2:

Make a shortcut for the RTW.exe on your desktop. Right-click on it and select Properties. In the “Target” line paste the following:

"C:\Program Files\The Creative Assembly\Rome - Total War\RomeTW.exe" -show_err -nm -mod:bi\ci

If you have installed RTW to a different location, change the path accordingly, but make no changes to anything outside the quotation marks.
Now, the “Starts In” line should look like the following:

"C:\Program Files\The Creative Assembly\Rome - Total War"

Again, if you have installed RTW to a different location, make the appropriate path changes.

Step 3:

You can pick an icon for the shortcut from the “FATW_Icons” folder in your main RTW directory – the one we usually use is TNS2.ico.

That’s it, you’re ready to go!

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