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Author: Nero666


Rise Of Persia is a complete modification for Rome: Total War. Here is a short teaser description:

The year is 559B.C, the four greatest empires divide the known world. The Medes, their mighty empire, expanding their frontires from the far east all the way to Asia Minor. The Lydians, their rich empire, dominating almost all of Asia Minor and soon to expand even further. Egyptians, their long langsting empire, gains wealth in their regions stretching from Syria to the north, and Ethiopia to the south. Chaldeans, their unirivaled, fabously rich city of Babylon gains wealth, expanding their territories dominating all of Mesopotamia. Kingdoms and empires fight for total domination to rule the world. One nation is about to change the fate of the world forever.......

In the region of Parsa, a small kingdom is soon going to rise to become an empire...perhaps the greatest empire the world will ever see. In Aryanam, King Cyrus II has become king of the Persians, has united the seperate kingdoms, but still remains under rule of the Medes. But thats all soon about to change, he has plans do crush the Medes, siege Babylonia and destroy the Lydians...Persia is ready for to sprout from its seed, starting a new period in history...But this won't be easy as many kingdoms and empires await him and his armies.

The Pandyans, coming from the far east of India, will soon sweep across the west and claim Asia as hers. To the north the Sakae tribes will invade from the Steppes, swiftly marching into Persian land. To the far west, to Hellas, small Greek kingdoms fight for the control of Greece and then to extend their armies all the way into India..who will forge the greatest empire?..

Patch v2.22 for ROP v2.2x series. This patch fixes several broken features in earlier versions, adds new features and improves gameplay through better balancing. A full changelog is available inside the installer ;) Notes: -Requires ROP v2.2x to be installed and working. -Is not compatible with savegames of earlier versions.

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