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Author: SubRosa

Amazon Total War is a partial conversion for Rome Total war version 1.5 or Barbarian Invasion version 1.6. There are separate versions of the game for each executable. It uses the mod:switch option, so it will not interfere with any of your original game files. Be sure you apply it to a clean install of RTW, as you may experience ctd's when entering battles if not.

ATW adds three new Amazon factions to the game: Amazonia, New Amazonia, and the Gorgons. These belong to a new culture, that of the Amazons, with new units, generals, retinue members, and traits just for them. My inspiration for this was the Amazons of legend, and I have tried to keep everything in the mod in the spirt of those legends. So just as legend has it, the Amazons are outstanding archers and horsewomen. They also fight in the standard greek hoplite style, as well as having some troops using the sagaris, an axe that was a signature weapon of the Amazons (and where calling a woman an "old battle-axe" comes from). As the Amazons were not known to be sailors of any repute, I have limited them to recruiting biremes and triremes.

As the Amazons were reputed to be the progenitors of the Sarmatian people, I have also created a new Sarmatian faction, occupying their ancestral homelands between the Don and Volga rivers. I have tried to emulate their close ties by making Amazonia and Scythia begin the game as Allies. While New Amazonia and the Sarmatians begin as allies as well. I have also made Sarmatian mercenaries recruitable in Amazonia, as well as Amazon mercs recruitable across the steppes.

While all Generals are female, the spies, assassins, and diplomats remain male by design. These men would be specially recruited from the Amazons courtesan class of men, or from men in foreign lands. The reason being that in the world outside of Amazonia men can move far more easily through society than women can. Due to the constraints of the game's hard coding, they will all have female names however.

But Amazons and are not all that is different in ATW. The original game map has been modified by the inclusion of 29 new territories. Most of them are located in North Africa, the Steppe, and the mountains of Armenia. Scythia has been moved to its more historically accurate starting position in the Crimea and lower Ukraine. It has also undergone a large change in its unit roster, now having many more infantry units of better quality than before. This reflects the effects of their having become partially sedentary at the time the game begins.

Every Barbarian faction now has a 4th tier of development. All factions now have a Law temple. There are many new units, including Onagers for all Barbarians. Maiden Axes have been added to Britannia and Gaul. Chosen Slingers added to Britannia, Carthage, and Iberia. Dacia now has Chosen Falxmen. Gaul and Germania have regular Archer Warbands. Mercenary Cretan Archers and Rhodian Slingers are now recruitable by the Hellenic factions from their home islands. Scutarii are now recruitable by Carthage. Elephants and Noble Cavalry have been added to Numidia, Noble Cavalry to Iberian, and Heavy Cavalry have been added to the Greek Cities. Thrace has had a dramatic make-over as well, gaining new units such as Thracian Peltasts, Thracian Infantry, and Thracian Nobles, new temples such as to Sabazios and Kotys, and more.

In addition I have tweaked the stats of many units, such as increasing the range and damage of all Slingers, reducing the attack of Warhounds, and increasing the attack and defense of Iberian Infantry and Equites, and increased the defense of Naked Fanatics. Many factions have had their unit recruitment trees altered, with most temple units now being recruitable from a regular barracks instead.

The game's corruption triggers have been changed so as not to kick in until your treasury reaches 100,000 and 150,000 denarii respectively. So you do not have to worry as much about making too much money.

Every faction has a Legendary Artifact associated with it. Each is unique, and had can only be possessed by a member of its parent faction. These artifacts are represented in the game as retinue members, and give their holders very significant bonuses. If lost through character death there is a random chance they will reappear later in the game.

The Amazon: Total War Team
Myself - Everything

Special thanks to SrJamesTyrrel for creating the Amazon Lesser General.

Special thanks to Primo for his assistance in creating the early splash screen and loading screens.

Special thanks to Private Clark for his work on the New Amazonia Faction skins.

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