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Author: DTW Team

NB: This is to fix bugs in v0.92b!

A patch for v0.92 Public Beta. This patch introduces a whole new Roman roster and Polybian Reforms. Gone with the out-of-era Marian legions. Re-Balanced unit stats and improved recruitment. A new background script handles AI financial support and garrion scripts. Try it out yourself to find out more!

- New Camillan (Early) and Polybian (Late) Roman units complete with unitcards
- New Polybian Reforms - Requires 80 turns, whole of Italy, Sicily, Corsica&Sardinia + Epidamnos in Epirus
- New Background Script - Handles Garrison scripts, Polybian Reforms and AI Financial support
- Massive re-balancing of unit stats, unit costs and campaign map
- New Faction symbols for: Rome, Epirus, Seleucids, Pergamum and Achaea
- Fixed thracian cultural and regional recruitment
- Made Historical battles up-to-date with latest units
- Numerous minor bugs fixed

- Your DTW Team

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