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Author: DTW Team

This addon improves the quality of the DTW soundtrack by a great deal, adding new music pieces and giving each culture a more unique feel. It does not introduce any new features, nor does it fix any bugs.
Battlefield textures have been greatly improved and edited to look less dark and more eye-catching. New skyboxes with much more details and tweaked colors.

- Music has been completely re-categorized and now much louder.
- Added several new music pieces, some old ones remain, some removed. Total 47 music pieces.
- Each faction has an unique selection of background music.
- Battlefield textures largely re-detailed and edited.
- Textures now much brighter than before, giving the game a less darker look.
- The amount of trees on the battlefield has been reduced. No more maps full of trees.

This is the last update pack before the next v0.96 Major Release, so stay tuned!

- Your DTW Team

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