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Classical-Age : Total War

is a mod based on Rome : Total War strategy turn-by-turn videogame created by Creative Assembly in 2004, and now integrated into the "Total War Era" pack distributed by SEGA. Coming from a graphists forums, and history geeks, Belisaire, prisejack and Armninius, we choosed, after having tried and enjoyed to play RTR and EB, to build our own mod. The task was filled by Belisaire which took ideas of new units and coded them, as with prosejack which made a website for it, an i (arminius), to the skinning process. At the end, the beta1 was released in october 2007. It was a demo unit featuring almost 28-30 units by factions, corrected and historically accurate, and three new factions replacing the roman families: Illyrians, Pergamum and Galatians. The mod was fun to play because of its lightness, while having gigantic amounts of units, all of them coming from vanilla game, as none of us known barely anything about modelling. But sooneafter, as the target was considered filled, the team gently dismissed, prisjack making some updates in the beta1 catw website, and i, having the will to make a true campaign game. This was CATW BETA2a, eventually released in september, 2008. With new units from addons and mods like Prometheus res gestae and Lusted terra expugnandae, anims from Signifer One, and new ships, new buildings and a lot of specific region units, the mod featured new music, graphics, and was fully playable, including original and new historical battles, new battlemaps, etc... It was entirely in french. An english traduction was made two month after. The second version or Beta2b (final beta2) was previously designed to play on the mundus magnus map, which never works properly. Now the work is reported on the final version, or CATW 1.0.

7 new factions: Epirus, Illyria, Boii, Bellovaci, Senones, Arverni, Bosphorus
More than 2,200 skins and about 35-50 units per faction recruited through the new AOR
Skins and new models from CATW (never seen before), high degree of detail and historical accuracy
Longer battles (moral increase, less fatal blows except for cavalry charges and other tradeoffs)
Speed reduced for horsemen, horses redesigned according to the time, and many accurate smaller horses
System of Alternate skins (managed from DMB) be able to change the skins of its units during a campaign, but disabled to have a lighter file)
The 2/3 graphics changed
No More Cyclopean walls
The "barbarians" and others factions now have access to higher level barracks and barracks provincial related to their goals of conquest
Addition of the Royal Arsenal for Macedonian and Ptolemaic (can recruit units naval super-heavy type hekkaidekere)
Three times as many types of vessels and new graphics and descriptions
New historical descriptions, and many unusual names corrected
Prometheus and CATW strat towns
Animation of Alin (EB)
Rebalancing costs and construction duration of buildings, much longer and expensive, as well as units, some of which are recruited 0 laps (lifted)
New recruitement building levels (coding) for all factions
Many units in hidden resources specific to a region of 1 to 10 by factions (for example 10 types for the Greek hoplites)
New buildings fr romans (socii barracks), greeks, easterns, and celts as well, and mercenary barracks
Revamped Mundus Magnus Map with optional strat skins
Complete RS2 environment
Optional realistic pike
Quick battles available
Some historic battles are playable, plus 6 new historical battles
50 new custom battlemaps
New water reflections from minimod
New lights and true night battles from Horsearcher's skymod minimod
Request a good CPU and graphic card (highly detailed 3D models, new strat map and models based on huge MM map, and a lot of hd skins)
New music
Many, many, many others things

Playable factions:

Thraike (Thracians)
Pahlava (Parthians)
Romani (SPQR)
Seleukoi (Seleucid Empire)
Pontos (Kingdom of Pontus)
Makedon (Macedonians)
Arche Bosporos (Bosphoran Kingdom)
Boii (Boians)
Sweb÷z (Germans)
Senones (Gallic Confederation)
Epeiros (Epirus)
Arche Ptolemais (Ptolemies Empire)
Getai (Getic People)
Kart'hadast (Carthage)
Bellovaci (Belgian Tribes)
Hayasdan (Armenian Kingdom)

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