Mod: Roma Surrectum II 2.5
Roma Surrectum 2 is a full conversion mod to Rome Total war 1.5 and the predecessor to the original Roma Surrectum mod featuring unique Roman legions, new factions, units and a stunning high detailed map.
  File Name: Roma_Surrectum_2.5.exe     Author: Paedric
  File Size: 1,300.66 MB   Files Added: 8
  Downloads: 39,558 (84 last week)   Author Downloads: 300,039 (223 last week)
  Posted: 13.09.2012   Supporters: 45 (+1 Add)
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By serinate (I just got here) on Dec 15, 2012
umm... I have RTW on Steam... i try installing this into mods folder in steam but it says "RSII has not been correctly installed. Please make sure you followed the instructions."
Help? :(
By GasjulNazgul (I just got here) on May 18, 2013
I can't Download it,it says fatal error?WTF?
By GasjulNazgul (I just got here) on May 18, 2013
i want to downloaded it
By heddydu8393 (I just got here) on Jul 16, 2013
PK il me dise please select a serveur
By ZLemaire (I just got here) on Jul 28, 2013
It tells me to select a server!
By Porch (I just got here) on Jul 30, 2013
Where can i select the server?
By tsipouras (I just got here) on Aug 28, 2013
Why can't I downnload this file?