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You need 7zip utility to uncompress the file. Due to increase in complexity, it is recommended the system has a minimum of 4GB RAM to have more trouble free gaming experience.

Once unzip please be sure to read the readme folder for latest update and credit.. If you would like to donate time and/or money for the further advancement of this project, please open the readme file for more detailed direction.

Also please remember to restore the sound volume and set the proper enable/disable music option, otherwise the game would have no sound which is our standard test environment.

Changes and specification in 6.0K
1. new Libyan Amazon Chariot unit
2. new Libyan Pathfinder units.
3. new and re-balanced rebel units.
4. new Britons Amazon Chariot units
5. corrected Roman Amazon Auxilia CTD.
6. corrected crashes reported in 6.0J
7. re-sync'ed Latin quotes.
8. render text description (other than Greco-Roman sources) to be gender neutral. Thanks to Siberian Wolf's report.
9. adjusted recruiting cost for many units.
10. applied the BUM balance to Celtic and Gaul.
11. newly rehashed Geothe Amazon Skins.
12. rehashed militia archer skins.
13. added Reminder Advisory Message to activate Amazon mod script at the beginning of load/re-load campaign. Per Siberian Wolf's recommendation.
14. new camera control for Quest announcement.
15. new victory video.
16. corrected Greek attired Amazon units to Phrygian.

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