Mod: DarthMod Rome v9.0.1
Improves Rome: Total War in every aspect!
It offers innovative AI enhancements, original gameplay improvements,
new maps & campaigns, new units, new graphics & textures,
new historical battles...
in fact, everything needed for maximizing
challenge, r
  File Name: DarthMod Rome v9.0.1 Installer.exe     Author: DARTH__VADER
  File Size: 351.80 MB   Files Added: 29
  Downloads: 12,205 (45 last week)   Author Downloads: 99,911 (275 last week)
  Posted: 26.11.2012   Supporters: 105 (+1 Add)
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By iAdrian91 (I just got here) on Jul 17, 2013
could you please upload the mod again, I can not download it, or someone would be so kind as to upload it. thanks
By qxx123xx (I just got here) on Jul 28, 2013
What does it mean by please select a server??
By locdog1221 (I just got here) on Aug 14, 2013
please upload the mod again