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Warning: Mature Players Only, contains nudity depicting ancient warfare. By performing download/installation, user acknowledges that he/she is legal to view such content and he/she is solely responsible for the use & consequences of the use of this content.

File Instructions:
You need 7zip utility to uncompress the file. Due to increase in complexity, it is recommended the system has a minimum of 4GB RAM to have more trouble free gaming experience.

Once unzip please be sure to read the readme folder for latest update and credit.. If you would like to donate time and/or money for the further advancement of this project, please open the readme file for more detailed direction.

Also please remember to restore the sound volume and set the proper enable/disable music option, otherwise the game would have no sound which is our standard test environment.

The Amazons Total War 7.0 series allows player to validate many modern military concepts in the battlefields of antiquity.

- Mobility and Stand-off Weapon capability of women cavalry units.
- Deploy Area Denial "Minefield" using field engineers.
- Long Range Mobile Artillery
- Guerrilla Warfare, allows agent to infiltrate enemy territory and raise an army deep behind the enemy line.
- Wagon Warfare, fight WWII German Panzer like battles with battle wagons.
- Linked Armor-Clad Cavalry, a first in any video game, see why this is an invincible fighting formation for centuries in Eurasia.
- Fearsome Amazon faction with their terrifying super-heating incendiary weapon, aka Thermite Munitions.

Other Highlights in 7.0be2
- Extended campaign map, now from British Isle to Afganistan.
- Lush landscape using Custom RS II battlemap.
- New factions based on latest archaeological data and anthropological theories.
- Quest based game play, allowing a faction to go to the next level only if certain quest is fulfilled.
- Balanced Unit Modeling (B.U.M.) so the appearance of a fighting unit must have direct relationship to cost and infrastructure.
- New weapons only available in Amazons Total War.

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