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- You need a fresh (unmodded) installation of RTW 1.5
- Edit: uncompress the rar file in the new Rome-Total War directory. Say Yes to all the substitutions of files.
- Open JSGME.exe (double click) placed in Rome - Total War folder. Enable ITW_v1.5 (full mod without texts) and ITW_English (English texts) or ITW_Portuguese (partial translation to Portuguese) mods.

- Close JSGME and play RTW.

If it is a completely new installation, you need to change the preferences.txt file (in datapreferences folder): change




It is also advisable to change the advisor level to "without advice" or


before starting any provincial campaign.

- Open JSGME.exe and disable both mods.
- Use the uninstall.exe to fully uninstall Iberia-TotalWar.

(more details also in:

- 14 playable factions (Ilergetes, Turdetani, Edetani, Celtiberians, Lusitanians, Celts, Carthaginians, Romans, Senate, Greek colonies, Italian Peoples, Numidians, Padane Gauls and Transalpine Gauls)
- All units different from those of RTW. Celtiberian and Turdetani factions completely redesigned from version 1.0.
- Animations by SigniferOne.
- Formations by Darth.
- Twelve historical battles: Cannae, Zama, Ilipa (2 versions), Sedetanian Fields, Hibera, Ilorci, Baikor, Numantia, Vulcanalia, Kesse and Kastilo
- Lots of new sounds to increase the immersion in the battle.

- New realistic map of the Western Mediterranean Sea with more than 75 regions
- New building system
- Zone of recruitment with 7 "cultures": iberian, celt, gaul, italian, african, greek and roman
- Auxiliary troops recruitable and lots of mercenary units
- Imperial campaign "RTW style".
- Four provincial campaigns: carthaginian, roman, iberian and celtic, with one script for each faction (total 8)
To activate the script, press F1 at the beginning of the campaign (and each time a saved game is reloaded). When the advisor appears, press the portrait and then the "Show-me" button.

Please, leave this thread only for downloading or installation problems.
I will start new threads for other questions.


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