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Rome Total Realism (6) Platinum Edition
by the RTR Platinum Team
With the support of the RTR Forums Community.
Copyright (C) 2005, 2006 Rome Total Realism

v1.4 - 04 May 2006

The RTR Platinum Edition Community Project

This software was developed for the Rome Total Realism and Total War Center's community in an effort to enhance its game play experience.

Notes for Rome Total Realism (6) Platinum Edition:
This mod is a community based conversion of Rome Total Realism 6 Gold (RTR 6 Gold) for use with the Rome - Total War (RTW) v1.5 game engine. The many fans of Rome Total Realism have come together to make the porting of RTR 6 Gold to the RTW v1.5 game engine possible.

With the conversion to the RTW v1.5 game engine, RTR Platinum will be able to have the night-fighting ability, more diplomacy option and will be able to take advantage of the AI improvements and general game engine improvements available with the RTW v1.5 patch.

So, while we patiently wait, or not so patiently, for the upcoming release of RTR v7.0 using the BI v1.6 game engine, we can now enjoy some of the new features that will be part of RTR v7.0 in our ol' favorite RTR v6.0. Further information concerning this mod can be found in the RTR Sub-Forum devoted to this mod.

Licence Agreement:
Terms of Use:
This software is FREEWARE. This software is provided "as is", without any guarantee made as to its suitability or fitness for any particular use. It may contain bugs, so use of this mod is at your own risk. I take no responsibility for any damage that may unintentionally be caused through its use. I have verified it on a local system and on a number of other users computers, but there is no way for me to be able to guarantee that it will work on each and every system configuration out there.

You may not use "Rome Total Realism Platinum" in any product, for commercial purposes, without the express permission of the Rome Total Realism developers and the RTR 6 Platinum team. If you are interested in redistributing "Rome Total Realism (6) Platinum", either in original or modified form, or wish to use "Rome Total Realism (6) Platinum" source code in a commercial product, or have any other idea of cooperation, including a job offer or a donation, please send an message via the RTR Platinum forum to the RTR Platinum Senate members with details.

Copyright Notice:
The Rome Total Realism developers and the RTR Platinum team holds valid copyright on this Software Mod. Nothing in this agreement constitutes a waiver of any rights under U.S. Copyright law or any other federal or state law.

Installation Instructions:
1. Prior to installing Rome Total Realism Platinum, you will need a fresh install of Vanilla RTW(v1.0). Download and patch RTW to the following patch versions, in the order listed.

a. RTW v1.2 patch
b. RTW v1.3 patch
c. RTW v1.5 patch

2. Download the v1.4 full final beta installer and install it to your fresh RTW directory.

5. Start up RTR Platinum and go show your favorite arch-nemesis faction who's the new boss in the ancient world of RTR. You will now be experiencing your RTR campaigns with the new features and benefits of the RTW v1.5 game engine. Enjoy!

Known limitations:
Total unit balancing is still ongoing. All other known CTD's has been taken care as on the current status.

Please report any problems to Bug Reporting section for RTR Platinum Edition in the RTR Forums or TWCenter Forums. Please specify the detail and preferably with attached pics of the bug/s encountered.

Latest ChangesUpdate Log:
04/16/2006 - Release of v1.2, initial release of mod.
04/23/2006 - Release of v1.3, patches & updates.
05/04/2006 - Release of v1.4, full installer + latest updates.
Direct Modding Help List:

Marcus Camillus
Panama Red 51
Theta (Interface)
Salvor Hardin (Original Discussion)
asinius (Original Discussion)
Echtelion (Original Discussion)
Kaweh K. (Original Discussion)
Oddball_E8 (Original Discussion)
Dark89 (IRC, loads of help)
Ahmose (Original Discussion)
Gaizokubanou (Original Discussion)
Arbaces (Original Discussion)
IndicLalla (Original Discussion)
MonkWarrior (Original Discussion)
nikolai1962 (Original Discussion)
Lubeck (IRC and subforum)
The Entire RTR Development Group members, that are not listed above, for creating RTR Gold 6.0, without which, we'd have had nothing to port!
Additionally, the following people are to be thanked for allowing us to use their mods in this port:

Darth Vader (DarthFormations: added to patch_v0.3.rar)
Archer (SkyMod: included in beta 1.0)
SignifierOne (Animations pack v0.8, without which it would have taken much longer to make this)

If you encounter problems, please visit and download the latest version to see if the issue has been resolved.

If you feel you have any suggestions that could make this software better, please feel free to contact the RTR 6 Platinum team with your suggestion.

The Rome: Total War software is property of:
Total War Software 2002 - 2004 The Creative Assembly Limited. Total War, Rome:Total War and the Total War logo are trademarks or registered trademarks of The Creative Assembly Limited in the United Kingdom and/or other countries.
Published by Activision Publishing, Inc. Activision is a registered trademark of Activision, Inc. All rights reserved.
All trademarked names mentioned in this document and SOFTWARE are used for editorial purposes only, with no intention of infringing upon the trademarks.

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