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***FULL VERSION v1.81full from FileFront***


*** TFT 1.81 for RTW 1.5 ***


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DISCLAIMER - Read First!


This mod is the work of a skilled team of developers and testers of the TFT Dev team. Ideas and concepts were contributed by the RTW community. Please do NOT use features or concepts included in The First Triumvirate without FIRST contacting the staff ( For 3rd-party skins, etc, please contact the creators before using them in your own projects. You may use The First Triumvirate content in your own developments with permission. We like to be made aware of the projects.

This is Freeware. In no way shape or form are we affiliated with the Creative Assembly (creators of the Total War series). Ultimately, all of these files are their property, and not ours. Creative Assembly has no relation to this project and cannot offer any form of technical support or feedback in regards to it.

Use this modification at your own risk and always back up all files before installation. Most "bugs" and "glitches" reported are the result of human error in a inproper installation. We simply cannot simplify our installer any further - PLEASE read the installation instructions, we don't want to hear it when the game doesn't work because you installed this incorrectly - namely installing over any version of Rome: Total War prior to the v1.5 patch or a previously modded version of RTW.




To install:

1. Have a clean version of RTW 1.5

2. Unzip the contents of "TFTv1.81.rar" to the main RTW folder.

3a. (To play Caesar) Double click on the TFT_Caesar.exe in the main RTW folder to run

it. Overwrite any files when prompted.

3b. (To play Crasuss) Double click on the TFT_Crassus.exe in the main RTW folder to run

it. Overwrite any files when prompted.

4. Launch the game using the "TFT v1.81" shortcut located in your main RTW folder.

**NOTE: If you did not use the default install path for RTW (C:Program FilesActivisionRome - Total WarRomeTW.exe) you will need to open the "TFT v1.8" shortcut properties and put the correct path information in the target field.

Once in the game...

To activate the 4TPY:

1. Click on a settlement you own

2. The advisor pops up.

3. Click ON her face.

4. Click on the "Accept" icon.

That's it.

**Please change your preferences.txt: FIRST TIME PLAY: FALSE to TRUE after installing TFT 1.8 if you are using a new installation of RTW v1.5.


Version history:



1. Fixed Parthian general model (thanks to the_celt!).

2. Fixed night battle code ("options bi" was inadvertently left out of the descr_strat.txt files).

3. Updated DarthFormations with DaVinci's modified version of DarthFormations 8.5 (thanks DaVinci!).


1. Install now requires RTW v1.5. Earlier versions of RTW are NOT supported.

2. Fully implemented "mod:the_first_triumvirate" shortcut so as not to install invasively over vanilla RTW. You can now play RTW and TFT side-by-side without all sorts of messy copying and such.

3. Added night battles, associated traits and necessary files.

4. Removed Pompey and Gaul campaigns. Only Caesar and Crassus are playable at this time.

5. Calmed the senate down slightly (but not too much).


1. Fixed Gaul Triumph conditions and Arch location for all campaigns.

2. Fixed Caesar Civil War trigger for Caesar campaign.

3. Put code in place that *should* keep Pompey from declaring war on Caesar prior to the earliest of a) Caesar's triumph in Gaul or b) turn 39 for Caesar campaign.

4. Fixed Gaul Client Kingdom triggers for all campaigns.

5. We have included a "Command Bonus" for all AI Generals to ensure that the Triumvirs face some competent adversaries. The bonus is applied to all non-Roman factions by default.


1. Added many new units thanks to the RTR team, Atilla Reloaded, Ferres, Warsprite, Webbird & Riczu!

2. Vastly improved scripting & enforced gameplay.

3. Improved combat balancing.

4. Obviously the biggest change: You can now install TFT directly onto a vanilla version of RTW that has been patched to version 1.2. No additional downloads or mods are required.

5. New in-game victory conditions that are unique to each faction. Your faction leader will have "traits" that indicate how to achieve Triumphs and Ultimate Victory.

6. New skins - most notably for Romans, Gauls, Merc's and Parthia.

7. Darthmod 6.6 is included. Thanks go to Darth for this!

8. Sprites are included for all TFT specific textures.

9. Fixed "Egyptian" temples/revolts in Gaul and Italy.

10. Resolved issues surrounding implemenation of the Client Kingdoms Mod.

11. Reduced the morale provided by some traits.

12. Added in-game enforcement of some "House Rules" and tossed out the rest. However, we've also shortened the time in which you have to achieve victory. Expect a defeat message if you're not finished by the end of 27BC.

13. Fixed the family trees. They may not be historically correct, but at least you can see the major players for your faction.

14. Onager's have been removed from the game.

15. New Unit cards

16. Latinvoice mod (seperate install, but provided in the download)

17. Some other surprises that you'll just have to find along the way.

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>TFT v1.6 RTR<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<

Here is a breakdown of some of the new features in TFT 1.6 beta

1. The Tec level for each faction now represents 58bc as much as possible.

2. Over a 100 new roman names

3. Client Kingdoms (Other factions will offer you their units from time to time.)

4. New easy installer system

5. 100 new city walls (HA)

6. Just one temple for the Romans – Jupiter

7. Beta Helvetii faction

8. Four seasons per year

Please see here for more info

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>TFT v1.3 RTR<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<

-New combat system!!! My goal was o replicate a Roma Mod like combat system, though having to adopt it to a game that has 3 playable factions. I took a minimalist

approach by simply limiting the playable factions and mercs to 1hp while non-plyable factions have 2hp. The result it that playable units have no loss of combat

effectiveness, but they have a much more realistic casualty rate. AI factions projectile weapons are very effective against 1hp units, which actually improves gameplay

since the AI uses ranged weapons ineffectively. The results are stunning and battles still last a long time like with strait 2hp systems. If you prefer the TFT traditional

2 hp system, I have included it as a bonus file named export_descr_unit_2hp.txt - just rename it to export_descr_unit.txt

-TFT install included as a part of the ER executable for direct install to RTR 5.4

-TFT orignal mod switcher that will switch between ER/TFT and RTR 5.4.1!!!! Directions to use the switcher are in the install directions above.

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Eusebius Rex v1.0c for TFT<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<


New units were causeing multiple CTDs on some (not all) installs of ER because of the skin artist specific folders that held the specified artist skin files.

I have placed all skins in a single file that should now be dumped directly into the game's data/models_unit/textures folder.

Also, I updated the pathway locations of these new skins in the descr_model_battle file.

If crashes still occur, please contact me. It should be noted that some crashes may occur from incorectly placing files into folders manually

as I do not use a auto-extractor for this mod. In the future, with ERv2 in particualr, I will, sorry...

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Eusebius Rex v1.0 for TFT<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<

Eusebius Rex v1.0 for TFT is firstly an auxilia/merc oriented mod. You will find it easier to recruit and pay for mercs and the quality of mercs will be

much better than in ANY other version of RTW. However, Roman auxilia units have disappeared as they are ahistorical for the timeperiod, not having been

developed unitl after the Augustan military reforms (the way we perceive the Imperial roman army). You will now have to rely on merc pool units I order to

supplement your legions. However, you will not be disappointed, as some old mercs have received a face lift – like merc elephants being armored!! I’ve also

gone to many lengths to make sure that mercs are available in many pools. Rome is the largest pool and has access to many types of units.

There are 18 new (or modified) merc units to include:

Gaelutian Mercenary Cavalry

Gaelutian Mercenary Skirmishers

Hellenic Mercenary Cavalry

Mercenary Archer Warband

Aeduen Noble Cavalry

Helvetii Mercenary Warband

Seubian Mercenary Cavalry

Arverni Mercenary Cavalry

Allied Iberian Infantry

Eburones Mercenary Warband

Mercenary Roman Deserters

African Mercenary Archers

Cappadocian Mercenary Lancers

Gaesum Mercenary Warband

Syrian Archers

Hellenic Mercenary Spearmen

Mercenary Legion Cohort

Cantabrian Mercenary Cavalry

New or improved faction units or other changes:

Gaesum Warband Infantry (not merc, Gaul only)

Roman Triumvir General (Pompey, Crassus, and Caesar get a staff officer 'bodyguard' or praetorians - they are not uber ninja!!)

Roman General Merc bodyguards (not the unit name - all other non-triumvir Roman generals get a medium cavalry bodyguard of mounted barbarians using swords)

Roman cav now have decurions and standards as do artillary

Roman artillary units are buildable starting with level 1 missle building tier

*actually, there is more, I think, but I've forgotten...

Secondly, I wanted to “Romanize” the world of 280BC into the world of 58BC by revamping and deleting units. The Phalanx is dead!!!!! There was very little

use of the phalanx formation by Caesar’s day and even then it was not the phalanx that we recognize. The term ‘phalanx’ by Caesar’s day simply meant a tight

body of heavy troops. Hence the Germans Caesar described as being in a phalanx did not necessarily weild pikes or even spears. Indeed, Caesar even referred

to Pompey’s forces at Pharsalus as being in a ‘phlanx’, but we know that Pompey’s legionaires were not armed as pikemen – less they probably would have faired

better! The Phalanx died during the Romanization of Greece and Asia. Some phalanx units still exist as heavy spearmen, however and have not been totally

demascualted. No need to worry about non-Roman factions, however. They are now able to build units sooner in the tech tree and cheaper with less upkeep – as

is more realistic, Rome was always outnumbered. Mauretania (Numidia), Egypt, Armenia, and now Pontus have the ability to build imitation legions and all factions

can hire merc legionaires and the very rare Merc Roman Deserters to boost their armies. Also, the Gauls have the new Gaesum Infantry Warband. The Gaesum is a

heavy throwing javelin made by the Gauls as an answer to the pilum. It is almost as effective and their heavy infantrymen use it. I have thought about giving

most Gaulic units at least one Gaesum per warrior as it was very common by Caesar’s day and most gallic warriors carried javelin just like Romans.

I’ve also gone to great lengths to limit Roman production of non-legion troops. Auxilia spearmen, archers, and light infantry are gone. Roman Cavalry are more

expensive and legion cavalry will be very long to wait for. Use the mercs/auxilia, that is what the armies of Caesar, Crassus, and Pompey really did. I am allowing

legion cohorts buildable at one lower level because of this, and have made Roman siege equipment buildable much earlier. However, you will find that gone are the

days of plentiful and easy to build auxiilia to hold the line while your legions make the trip to your cities for rest and refit. Your armies will be very

diversified with mercs, especially as missle troops. I’ve also made it less diserable to use Roman cavalry. Remember, Roman cavalry were still very equestrian in

nature and rich Roman aristocrats don’t fight for free, nor are the reknown for their intestinal fortitude in danger. You will find merc cavalry to be a

bargain – as will the enemy! So use your Roman cav if you want, but there is better stuff out there...

Also, I have not incorporated it in this .zip, but play is best with Darth vader's formations mod.

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>TFT original modifications<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<

- Removed the Greek Cities, Macedon, Seleucids and Carthage factions from the game and all references to these factions across multiple files.

- Adjusted Province ownership for all remaining factions to reflect the historical situation as of 58 BC. Note that a conscious decision was made to leave some areas "rebel" controlled that were under some form of Roman jurisdiction in 58 BC; these are areas that DID in fact have uprisings/rebellions against Rome in the period shortly after the start of the game. Two examples: Numidia and Illyrium. Also, Pontus is an abstraction of the four independent client kingdoms that existed in Asia Minor combined into one faction at the game's start. Likewise, the Ptolemys, another client kingdom, have been given control of Palestine which was itself a client kingdom.

- Adjusted troop sizes for non-Roman infantry and cavalry units.

- Implemented new unit stats for slightly longer battles (increased HPs for instance).

- Changed unit recruitment to provide more experience for some units with higher level buildings.

- Created Senate specific Roman units that mirror the family faction units but have a higher cost/upkeep. This was necessary to keep the Senate's economy in check. Also, the Senate is unable to recruit Peasants and Levies... this should make for some decent Senatorial armies to face when you turn your sights on Rome.

- Eliminated diplomats for the Senate faction. They were bribing settlements as far away as Sogdiana, and it appears impossible to eliminate the bribery option alone(yes - we tried and the "obvious" solution did not work), so they were removed completely.

- Changed Senate offices to better reflect the number and importance of the higher offices (two Censors, two Consuls, etc.) The office durations are also closer to the actual historic duration - 18 months for Censor (though this did vary), one year for Consul, etc. 10 years was used as the duration for Pontifex Maximus although this office was held for life. Unfortunately it is not possible to have Caesar assigned to this office from the start - yet another game limitation.

- Senate missions and rewards (and PENALTIES) have been drastically altered - the Senate will not allow you to proceed at a leisurely pace, and they will be very unforgiving of failure.

- Traits and Ancillaries have been radically altered (no more Uber-Generals). Also some scenario specific traits were added to give you an early opportunity to sieze power.

- Added some additional character names to reflect the historic figures of the period.

- Removed the ability to build Large and Epic Stone Walls. They seem buggy at best, and unrealistically huge in any case.

- Changed all "early" generals to "late" general stats. There should be no difference between the two at this point.

- Removed all pre-Marian reform units and removed all Marian Reform unit requirements. The reforms are done! The "Late" legions are available with a Royal Barracks.

- Increased the size of most mercenary pools.

- Added hidden resource to Syria, Transalpine Gaul and Baetica to allow recruitment of First Cohorts.


Special Thanks


This mod would not have been possible without Rome: Total Realism and the many people that have contributed to that mod.

Thanks to the team that is helping out with TFT!!!

Developer/Scripting/Coder: Stuie

Developer/Coder/Research: Orbital

Testing Coordination: DaVinci

Featured Skinner's artwork:







*** RTR artist whose skins appeared in RTR 5.2 - 6

Thanks to the team that volunteered to work past versions of The First Triumvirate:

Coder/tester: Pirateiam

Tester/Historical Research: Eusebius

Skins/Testing: bawX, Wes, Titus

Testers: Wra7hofachilles, the_celt

Traits: KPII

Thanks to Nero666 for his faction screens - beautiful work as always!

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