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Darth Dark Formations 16.0 “Super Pack”

These are my latest formations for manipulating the AI of RTW and BI in a package that will surely please the majority of the community.

I worked immensely to evolute an already successful project and from what it seems there is so much improvement that again you will rub your eyes to see if you are awake or you live in a dream where RTW AI is actually playing smart!

I did not only completed my internal formations for DarthMod_8.0 but have specified and produced extra formations using my new ideas for many other mods and of course a generic version for all current mods.

…blah…blah…I do not have time to write more since I prepare for my vacations..two things to notice as important:

1)Have produced a unique and very effective for the AI bridge warfare system. (those who can interpret to some extend my code for formations and will study it…will not understand it.. When I return I will try to explain). Have managed to override to some extend the idiotic AI behaviour in bridges)

2)Very new things included as ideas to make you feel 100% challenge when you counter with AI armies in every situation.

No more to say..will do when I return from my trip.


1)DarthMod_8.0 ( ) new internal formations .Surely optimized since all my tests are done here. DO NOT use these to other mods except maybe in BareBoneWars mod ( which uses my idea of protective formation AI swap

2)Generic all mod Standalone version

3)RTR_PE mod version ( )

4)ATW mod version ( )

5)FATW mod version ( )

6)ChivTW mod version ( )

Simple Installation instructions

The installation instructions are meant to be understood easily by 6 yrs and up individuals. If you are under 6 yrs old contact your tutelars or any other adult who may can be of assistance. (Last resort will be to contact my forum )

-step1 = you download the mod package

-step2 = you unpack the mod package

-step3 = You open the file. There are 6 individual files inside with names of the mod

you are meant to use

them and 1 extra back up vanilla formation file if you want to revert to

default settings

-step4 = You know what mod you play and choose to install the formations associated

with it. How? For example if you play DarthMod_8.0 you open file

“1_DarthMod_8.0_Internal_Formations_16” and you copy the

“Rome - Total War” file to overwrite your original that exists in your custom

destination root folder (for example C:gamesActivisionRome - Total

War) of your RTW-BI game. The system asks you if you

want to replace these files and you press “yes”

-step5 =You verify that you have actually installed DarthFormations by opening the

files which have been overwrited (look at the file structure of my 6 files to

see where they go for desc_formations.txt and desc_formation_ai.txt files)

and you will see the notation on top of the code text verifying the Darth tm


-step6 = You play your next battles and actually start to lose..what happened? You

installed Darth Dark Formations 16.0 optimized for your mod game!

Happy Summer vacations for all. See you in 10 days approximately.

Contact me in my e-mail and my twcenter forum:

If I accidentally use different file structure for some mods, I am the mod creators to give you special instructions.
Finished 10/08/2006

-Update-11/08/2006 02:37 greece time
Have re-uploaded a version with correct file structure for ChivTW mod.Sorry for the inconvenience.Redownload if you want it perfect.

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