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Rise of Persia Beta 2 Released!

We have put together a new version of Rise of Persia, which is a total rework of what we released half a year ago. It features twice as many playable factions, with a total of 155 units, a more indepth AOR system for the entire campaign (no placeholders armies anymore!), a reworked campaign map, and much much more.

The Rise of Persia Mod is set in the 6th century BC, a most fascinating era of mankind’s history. It was the time of four grand empires, Babylon, Lydia, Kemet and Media, having divided the known world from the Mediterranean Sea to the River Oxus in the east among themselves after the seemingly invincible Assyrian might had been broken. All of them had ventured through great struggles in their past for becoming the dominant superpower deciding the fate of all mankind.

Nothing seemed to stop their tetrarchy, but the world changed forever, when one man stood up against the Medes. His name was Kuruš and he was the leader of the ignominious Persian tribe. He vanquished the Medes, crushed the Lydians and conquered Babylon. He created the Persian Empire, one of the most splendid the world has ever seen. However, at the beginning of our mod he is just a tribal leader, alone against the super powers.

The year is 559 BC and the Rise of Persia is about to begin.

Features List
-Two new factions: Kyrene and Illyria
-Redone Campaign Map
-New Campaign Map textures
-Faction-specific Win Conditions
-AOR Recruitment System
-155 units, divided over 18 factions
-'Agents Mod' by Spurius - unlocks higher-level diplomats, spies, and assassins
-Traits and Ancillaries system 'GAFH' - by Malrubius of the TTO
-New User Interface
-New Loading Screens
-New Faction symbols, using a Hexagon shape
-New Strat/Battle map banners
-And more

Installation Instructions

-Make a clean copy of RTW version 1.5
-Install 'Rise of Persia Beta 2' in its root directory with our installer (example: 'C:Program FilesActivisionRome - Total War')

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